Aren’t Saturdays great?

Aren’t Saturdays great? I know there are some of you that are getting back in to the swing of school, some may even be doing the sports run, play overs, sleepovers or all things kids. Others may have headed into work, gone for run, walk later than you would do if it was a working day. Be coming home from night duty. But overall aren’t Saturdays the day for doing ‘stuff’. I know growing up in a large family 6 kids saturday was the day my mother did washing, changing our beds, school uniforms, etc. I use to work on a saturday morning (that was a modern thing back then) so I would get home about 1pm and help her. There would be load after load, I would sometimes bring the dry clothes, bedding in so we could put more wet loads out. That hills hoist in our back yard did an amazing job, it helped my mother, it was used as a swing, it was covered and used for shade for parties it was a true blue Aussie apparatus and one that many growing up now will not see.

My mother was and is a very inspirational woman. Sometimes in winter on a saturday you could not see the floor of the laundry for the clothes, especially with football clothes (I have 3 brothers) Netball (I have 2 sisters as well) school uniforms and the bedding. I remember when quilts came in. I think my mother must have sighed with relief, no more summer & winter sheets, blankets, a coveralls that could be undone and thrown over the bed. My mother ran a house and spent her Saturdays doing stuff, she would also do the shopping, balancing house budget, baking for play lunches during the week. I remember the piles of ironing she use to do in amongst all of this, I use to help her, I still love ironing and would do that over any other housework activity. I don’t think there was anything she couldn’t achieve on a saturday, if there was I can’t recall her telling us or ever seen her fail. She would ask for help and it would be given but I am sure she could have done with so much more. I remember her getting her first dishwasher, we all marvelled at it, she probably cried tears of relief. :-). When she went back to study to gain her Bachelor of Education she did this part-time, whilst working part-time and whilst all 6 of us were at school. I remember how proud we were of her at the graduation, my Dad even took time off from work to come along and celebrate this amazing achievement.

Saturdays for me are similar, they allow me to finish stuff from the week, I can choose to do housework, walk later, do book work or just laze about watching TV. In all this there is one thing I love doing and I am sure that is from my childhood memory and that is putting clean linen on the bed. There is nothing nicer that climbing into a freshly made bed (no I don’t iron the sheets). It evokes this response in me every time, I feel I sleep better, its cleaner and it gives me a sense of joy that I have been able to achieve this. I know I have passed this onto my daughter as well. I never complained as a nurse changing a patients bed as I believed there would be nothing worse than felling like crap, being poked & prodded and you had to lie in a dirty bed. I felt sadden when they changed the rules, no clean sheets for everyone each day only those that had soiled the linen etc could get clean sheets. So there would be some patients that could be in hospital for 5 days and they would not get a sheet change. Yuk

If I know I am going away for a couple of nights I strip the bed and put clean linen on before I leave so that no matter what time I get back I can climb into a freshly made bed. I will do the sheets today, I will also continue on my quest to clear a bedroom for a home office and if I really am dedicated I may even do some baking and book work so that if I have to get out and help on the farm tomorrow. I will at least know saturday was a productive day for me. Enjoy today no matter what you do or how you celebrate the end of the working week.