The Community is only how big???

I come back to doing a blog my life has changed again, isn’t it funny how things move so quickly, you get settled and then thump there it is. It’s time to create another opportunity and chance for you to take or leave behind. The Community of Keith is vast ¬†not just in kilometres but in the people who support it. Though the statistic state it has a population of 1089 and declining you would not think that from the support the Keith & District Hospital gets. Over the last 18¬†months the ‘community’ of Keith have helped raised over $350,000 and this figure continues to get added to on a weekly basis.

I ask the question is this enough to sustain the Hospital for the long-term. We know the answer is this is not probably but it may be a possibility. There are many determined not to let it close, there are groups such as the Ladies auxiliary, the Keith Hospital Action Group, the Keith war memorial society and the cog strippers to name a few. Most of the fund-raising events the money is donated to the hospital and more so in the last couple of years than ever before. The Hospital has received money from city folk, people who drive by and from all over the globe.

The community needs to be congratulated by our Government, instead of making this a political story to suit the needs for the day, we would prefer a thankyou keep going what say we match you dollar for dollar. I find myself without a job in the hospital today, it is not really a shock it just makes me feel a bit angry. I want to be there I want to help, instead the finances need to be considered first and this is good management more than anything else. I feel confined now by my own anger, it is only my doing, career opportunities come along rarely in a country town and I thought I had one. Any who it’s time to put it behind me and concentrate on fund-raising and keeping the hospital open.