It’s a thing isn’t it, we wait and we do it often. we wait for assistance on the phone if (god forbid) we have to call any call centres, I have had the pleasure of calling the ATO today. I would like to submit our BAS, I know I am on time with it and up to date but there is a small issue the site reads ‘maintenance’ so I go down the site, read it and ‘maintenance’ was supposed to be finished on Friday 2nd January, so I call.

I get asked do I “need to submit the BAS today?” I respond by saying well “I don’t get a choice as to whether or not I have to pay it so I can’t se why I can’t claim it back when I want to.” I didn’t say it in any tone, I said it calmly and in a nice voice it was received with stunned silence, I had to ask “are you still there?” she was and then asked if I could be put on hold for 5 minutes. “Sure I got nothing else I could be doing?” this was after waiting for 5 minutes to press all of the numbers to get to customer service and now I wait again.

9 Minutes later she comes back with an apology and no answer, “we had such BIG upgrades over Christmas new year that well it could have something to do with it.” “ok” I say, “it was such BIG upgrades” she says again “yep heard you the first time and when can I look to submitting my BAS?” ” umm perhaps try it this afternoon” “right”. With that she hangs up and I am left waiting again.

I have made 13 phone calls today to various people and only 1 has answered my calls, It drives me mad this waiting as a primary producer I normally get to inform them that there is only 1 person on this call that gets a salary and it’s not me. Whilst they can spend the time doing whatever it is they do I am waiting.

I am better at waiting than I use to be, I think our Telco is the worst if you have to call them, I have had over an hour on the phone to 6 different people to correct a problem and by the end of it I was screaming at them. I know it doesn’t help but the frustration that your issue isn’t being resolved is enough isn’t it? Rather than *headdesk* , probably need to do it in something soft and ‘toughen up.” face plant.

Here we are in the first week of 2015 and we’re waiting and today it shits me to tears. Perhaps it’s a Monday or perhaps I need to get out of my own way, but I am trying to work to a schedule so that things can progress. welcome back all of those people who enjoyed holidays and I apologise in advance if you are unfortunate enough to get me on the other end of the phone.

If you are one of those people I’m waiting on a call back from please call me back or even email me. You KNOW who you are.

cat face plant



Tears fall today for people unknown by name
A deep ache for hearts broken, love’s lost, brave souls
Empty chairs at the table, forever vacant
Hands once held, hang free
Lost opportunities, futures ended
Lives wasted, families hollow
Hugs and kisses, never returned
Innocence lost, naivety gone
Silent whispers, thoughts and prayers
Inner strength, resilience required
Australian family, part of me

from my sister @jackieAnneV

is all I need to say today in response to the horrible Sydney siege situation

Behaviour… what’s acceptable?

This week seems to have been a week for me, one that should I have to repeat I will ‘opt out’. If I had to give it a score I would give it a 1 being that 1 is awful and 10 is to replay as often as one can and with gusto. So for me to have a 1 week is really unusual and a bitter pill to swallow, yet swallow it I did. Don’t mistake me there has been in the words of Bob Downe “Shiny Bright’s” dotted throughout, these have kept me grounded and happy but this week I have shed tears.

It has been hard to keep smiling when all you want to do is cry, the actions of others has brought back moments in my life I have wanted to forget, it has been terrible. At the time of one of the incidents I never thought it would still be with me almost 20 yrs later. It was something a ‘friend’ stated to me (in jest – in defence of this friend) in front of young children and to this day, it gets repeated back to me and every time I hear it I want to slap my friend in the face. It was a joke made in reference to my work, Pete the dog and child and where in my priority list they were placed. I worked hard as a single parent with no support from the other parent, financial or otherwise, I gave up nursing (which I loved ) to go in to sales to support my daughter and give her the education I was given, yes by choice and yes with pleasure but I had to travel, educate and do things  other parents didn’t. I had to give up assemblies, plays and sometimes things I desperately wanted to be at. For those parents reading this and had to travel, there is nothing like being stuck at an airport, on a plane, in a taxi rank or just plain stuck and missing out is there? I was lucky, I have a wonderful family that picked up the slack and still do so I knew that there was support and proud smiling faces in audiences.

by Friday this week I had been hung up on, (gotta love that action) by more than 1 person when they didn’t want me to finish talking, I have been yelled out, things thrown into sinks in anger and been left standing at a function without so much as a word, just a shake of the head as I watched them walk away. It has inferred that I have not been telling the truth when I have promised something and a 3rd party has been unable to complete their end of a deal. This is by far no fault of the 3rd person as we know life throws obstacles in the way and ‘shit’ happens. But this is not the fault of the person who has arranged it so therefore one should not be expected to be accused that one is not telling the truth. I hate how when things do not turn out the way other people think they should one is accused of not being honest. I have most of my life tried to be as honest as I can, it is human nature not to tell the whole truth to save someone’s feelings, to not get into trouble to try to fix a situation before it becomes a nightmare. Most times things go left of centre but you have to suck that up and admit when you have done wrong. One thing I have never done is held a grudge or repeated incidents from times past to ‘win’ and argument. But by fuck I am soooooooooooooooo sick of being at the end of people’s actions.

The highlights have been just that high lights, I have worked at Keith Hospital and like it very much, I was able to meet a special person who has gone out of his way to donate something to Keith Hospital. I have had an Action Group meeting where I was publicly thanked for all my volunteer hours and told what a great job I was doing. I have been able to offer someone employment and she is excited to be joining the team. I have walked, spent time with Pete, the dog and been able to off load on my sister, without having that support I would have been a wreck. I have shed tears in private when no body has seen or been able to comment, there are things one can not say to a partner, a child nor a friend for fear of judgement and long-term consequences like the above example.

I am a person that tries not to carry much with me but I think this week has been harder than most. To all, think about how you would feel and treat each other like this, it may be hard but it also shows respect for people you love and want in your life.