Today is brought to you by the letter X

It beginning to look a lot like Xmas isn’t it? It is coming up to a hot summer in Australia and as much as I dislike excessive heat, especially our 40+ degree Celsius or 104+ Fahrenheit. The land is needing a drink (so early in the season) and I have gotten as far as getting the tree up, discovering the lights don’t work and have come to a dead stop (with the tree)

However, I have managed to get to Adelaide shop, wrap gifts, and now have boxed them to go to the post office tomorrow to get them sent to nieces and nephews in different states in Australia. It has installed the Xmas spirit back into me and I am determined to get the tree finished today so that I can feel like its Christmas.

Its been a struggle to get to this point so far, many things have stepped in and taken over, there’s always the farm, study, work, worry about family and friends and life seems to be getting busier and a little bit harder. The cost of living is taking it’s toll on everyone and this year with rainfall being lower this year than last farming is becoming a bit harder as we become a little bit older.

I love the ceremony of Christmas, the tree, the presents, spending time with family and friends and being able to take time off the farm as limited as it is. I loved the Christmas Pageant in Adelaide and took nieces and nephews to it when my daughter was too old to go. I miss the pageant as we no longer even get it on TV as we live rural and apparently it is now with a commercial TV station so it can’t be seen outside CDB. The pageant is the time Father Christmas comes to town and it rings in the yule tide season, I normally wait in putting the tree up so that family birthdays are celebrated without the interference of Christmas. It is something I still do despite the fact we don’t live in the same house together anymore.

I have also delayed this practice this year as I have struggled to find Xmas cheer, I don’t know why but I have. But I am determined to do it today as yesterday a dear friends Aunty (whom I have met) was killed by a hit run driver, the police have since found the driver and charged him, a small comfort to the grieving family. I send all my love to all those involved, to be filled with sorrow at this time of year must be difficult.

But it is time to celebrate life and it’s offerings, as we never know when it will change and we miss the things we can do now, rather than delay.

I hope that you all have a great Xmas and a happy and safe new year, may 2015 bring everything one needs to be happy, healthy and content. This is a precious decoration that my daughter made in reception and annually it gets dragged out and placed on the tree. We had lots of fun making it along with her reception class (aged 5 yrs)



what do socks, scissors and sticky tape have in common?

I know it is that time of the year and there is a tradition that drives me mad. It is not wrapping the presents to go under the tree, I love doing that but the problem with this and any time you need to give a gift is looking for the bloody sticky tape and scissors. No matter how many pairs of scissors you buy or rolls of sticky tape you can put them in drawers, glove boxes and in the kitchen, when you want them you can NEVER find them.

It’s quite mysterious in that there may only be two people in the house but I can never find scissors. It’s like the socks and the washing machine, despite matching them up before they go in, there is not equal numbers coming off the line or going back into drawers, how does one do that?  There is no evidence that the washing machine absorbs them but somehow they go missing.

I looked up the dream dictionary about these items, because I am sure at some stage people have dreamt of these items, if not dreamt of finding them to reduce the cost of repurchase.

To dream that you are wearing socks signifies warmth & comfort. To see socks in your dream indicate that you tend to yield to others wishes. You are flexible and understanding in your thinking. To see a single sock in your dream is a pun on hitting someone or being hit, or perhaps the dream means that you have been hit with some surprising information or news.

” To dream that you are using scissors denotes decisiveness and control in your waking life. You need to get rid of something in your life. It also represents your ability to cut things or people out of your life. Also perhaps you are being snippy about some situations. To see a pair of scissors in your dreams indicates that your focus is being divided into too many directions. To see or use tape in your dream represents your limitations. On the other hand, the dream may be telling you that you need to show more restraint in some aspect of your life.”

My upshot of this trival post and drawing the long bow to marry them altogether is that this is a time of the year where you want to surprise someone or be surprised as well as being forced to limit time or money on the things you want.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas day, we spent ours fixing water troughs so that 400 cattle would not be out of water instead of travelling to have lunch, but we made dinner with the family and then spent a wonderful lunch with my great friend KateSwaffer who’s blog is worth reading daily as a great advocate for dementia and her family. Cherish the times you have together and ensure when you have them it’s full of laughter and good cheer. I shall today be putting the scissors and tape away today in the office drawer for next year.