Road Toll is Down but “King Hits” are up

It is quite distressing isn’t it, all these young men and they are young men, being punched and killed in ‘unprovoked attacks’? It makes both me and Huz shake our heads, as a parent I can not comprehend the grief that the parents must feel sitting at the bedside of their beautiful boys on the brink of becoming men, having to make decisions like, whether or not they will live, what sort of quality of life will they have and if they are not going to live, they will be asked to consider organ donation. Why? would be the greatest question of all, why did they go out? why were they in the wrong place at the wrong time? Why did I (as a parent) not protect them enough?

Instead the questions that should be asked are why are these violent men allowed to be in a place both mentally and physically at the same time as my precious child? What makes these men so terrible? and they weren’t surely at a younger age? They have parents as well, nothing excuses their behavior, nothing. today we awake to another young man fighting for his life whilst the alleged attacker is ‘crying’ in court.. what is that? He obviously has enough emotions to cry but not enough not to hit, how does that balance out? well it doesn’t (in my opinion). It is actually hard to feel anything for the attacker isn’t it?

Are alcohol and the easy access to drugs the blame? I don’t know I don’t have any answers? it’s just awful and sad. But there are far more people distressed about these than gets reported. The first responders, the passers-by who render assistance, the paramedics, ambulance officers and police. Their efforts to transport this young man to hospital is always filled with determination and care. They care enough to will everybody they carry to live, they care for each and every one of them as if they were their own children.

Then they arrive in the emergency departments, where they are handed over with care to the Dr’s and nurses who feel despair for all involved. They work hard to get their charge to the operating theatre, a Doctor has to ring a parent and in this circumstance may even have to get consent over the phone to get him to theatre to save his life, so the parents may not even be able to get to the hospital to kiss their child before a life saving operation is done. It would be hard as they would be told the chances may be slim that he come out of the operating room alive.. imagine that trip.

Teams of Dr’s & Nurse’s will be engaged to transfer him to theatre, where new teams take over, after this another team in Intensive Care Unit to start the long journey to get him to survive. Every person from the first responders would be feeling terrible and sad, knowing they did the best job they were trained for doesn’t take the human element of care and compassion out of their work. The Ambo’s may have even stayed to hear if they made it to theatre and into ICU. ICU would be fielding calls from all of these people as they would want to know how the patient is going. Many after their shift would be going home to hug their children tighter and longer.

How do I know this, I was one of those operating theatre nurses, every person who came into my care and the teams I worked with were treated like a King or Queen. I would go home and worry and call the teams and even visit them once I returned to work, it’s normal human nature, not walking up to some one you don’t know and punching them so that they are unconscious before they hit the ground.

So the police and population have managed to get the Road toll the lowest it has been for many years, but as my Huz says looks like the “king Hit” is up. How do we educate our young men that “one punch can kill?” There is a QLD / face book campaign that perhaps now Tony Abbott can adopt this as a Federal Campaign or each state premier, something needs to be done. There are parents losing young men to violence and parents visiting their sons in Jails.

The Christmas break up

It;s that time of the year isn’t it? Where people who can take holidays do, office parties, Christmas lunches and shopping. It’s a great place to be if that’s your thing, taking the last working day to have a long lunch or just a short lunch and having a couple of drinks with the people you spend most of your time with, whilst you work, if you’re lucky the boss may even shout (pay) and then allow you to go home early. I love this sort of thing, in my medical rep days, we all use to meet at a pub and lunch together, all those reps that worked from home and didn’t have colleagues within the same state met and we lunched.

It is an opportunity to share the highs and lows of the year, to wish each other joy and to get to take a break. I miss this and I suspect many people do, to some it gives them time to spend with families and enjoy the weather and plan for the coming year, for others it represents periods of forced loneliness. Some people suffer at this time of year and dread it, some may feel totally trapped at home and work was a relief to go to, where others may find that distance – through changing states or countries for work or families them just that little bit more homesick.

For others it represents nothing but a day in the year, looking at farmers it is not a pleasant time of the year, it’s hot, it’s humid, we wait for rain as the land dries up and so too does the feed. It is now time to check stock daily for water problems, feed hay out, check fire fighting equipment is working  well  and having plans in place to try to get out for Christmas day knowing that it is only a 24 hr stop over “just in case”.

Doctors, nurses, police and service station attendants all work rotating rosters and are on duty as well, my Huz favourite saying is “weekends and public holidays are only for the general public.” This is true for all farmers, there is always something that needs doing and they don’t get paid for it. Working for somebody even the government gives people an income and on the public holidays, penalty rates, so for the 8 hours people miss out on being with family it’s not so bad (I was a nurse and did many a night duty over Christmas so I could see my daughters delight on Christmas morning). No one pays the farmers an hourly rate for their hours of work and dedication.

Yesterday watching my face-book news feed of my city friends having Christmas lunches and parties made me feel melancholy, wanting to be part of it, knowing I wasn’t. What I am not is not ready for Christmas this year, I have not planned as well as I have every other year, I feel very naked of gifts, there is nothing wrapped under my tree, it’s weird. There must be others like me, work from home, live in the country or city, no work colleagues, that want to have a lunch to celebrate the end of the year? Perhaps over the next 12 months we should start a network and plan one, a meet up, a chance to wish each other well and raise a glass to a year almost gone (and for me to travel to the city to Christmas shop). Next hurdle New Years Eve…….



Tiresome Tuesday …. April 3rd

It doesn’t start well these Tuesdays, I wonder if they will ever get better. Another broken nights sleep with DH tossing and turning I think he needs to do some serious exercise or something else, that tires him enough he sleeps. He tells me he hates reading now as he has had to concede to the age-old complaint of wearing out his eyesight and having to wear glasses to read. This is unfortunate but part of the cycle of life and no excuse for not sleeping, I suspect it is more the pain in his hip from the constant wear and tear of farm life.

The day starts with this sense of exhaustion and you know it is not going to be a quick end to the day and leading up to Easter the roads are getting busier earlier and people appear to be more impatient to get where they want to go. On my way in this morning at 0730am I had to dodge 2 kangaroos, they were happily hopping along the roadside, it was foggy and I slowed so that they didn’t jump in front of the car. I have been stuck between Cowell & Whyalla many years ago 1 week after getting a new car when a roo jumped dead centre in the bonnet, it killed the roo and my car. I had to wait for a kind truckie to pick me up as I had no phone service or uhf radio and it was dark, my lights didn’t work so I had to flag someone down. Accepting a ride from a stranger was more terrifying than hitting the roo but I was driven into Whyalla, dropped at a hotel, the police came to me and then I was able to phone home. I have never seen a big red roo like that in the Upper South East, they are small grey ones but do damage all the same.

Please travel safely this Easter statistically it is one of the worst for crashes and deaths on the roads. It keeps our over worked nurses and Doctors walking more KM’s than they normally would.It makes me appreciate the hard work all shift work, emergency service people, police, ambo’s, ancillary staff that clean & feed people do, to keep those in hospitals and in crisis situations manage and cope better. Do not meet them by accident for you will not remember the great work they do and the efforts they go to to assist you and your families in times of need. It’s Tuesday and another great day to be alive, “don’t be dead for qiuds”.


I have read twitter this week and to discover it has been stated my blog sounds like one of a megalomaniac, I went back and re read the blog and yes I must admit it does read that I am. I apologize. I never considered myself to be the only one that is helping to save the Keith Hospital but I have neglected to mention the army of people who are constantly working to achieve this aim, I take direction from them and work with them. I take this comment on board and apologize to all I have offended.

There is the Board of Management who have given in excess of 30 hours volunteer time (each) since the funding cut was announced. Our Chair is now on the current white pages for the South East in recognition of ‘the Aussie Way’. The community did a submission about this many months ago and he is now there a small way to honour his perpetual hard work. Our Keith Hospital Board have worked tirelessly and beyond the call of duty in keeping our hospital open so if I haven’t acknowledged them I am sorry. There is a community of over 1000 people in Keith who have not only put their hands in their wallets to keep the doors open, they have attended rallys, written letters and done countless hours of work to keep our plight in the fore front of the wider community and Government. Then there is the passerby who has bought raffle tickets, spread the word and offered words of support, these are the unsung heroes, ones that we do not acknowledge as we do not know their names. There are the nurses who give volunteer hours to keep the doors open and then there is the patient that continues to come along and use the facility and support the community & medical centre.

My blog was also  called ‘badly written tripe” sorry but I am not an author, I am just me and as you can read, I have lots of faults, I have lots of spelling errors that my daughter hates and sadly without malicious intent I offend people. Blogs are exactly what they are and I acknowledge it is self-indulgent, they are my feelings, expressions and emotions I do not start each one aiming to offend. I do give credit where credit is due and all of the Keith Community and public deserve the credit for saving the Keith Hospital. The comments on twitter are valid but sadly they are from an anonymous person so I can not call this person and apologise in person. I do try in my blogs to put that honesty across but I do respect others opinions and have taken them all on board, my hospital contract runs out mid April so we shall see if it is to be renewed, that is up to the CEO.

For the person who tweeted me, I thankyou for pointing out facts I was totally unaware of, to the people and community of Keith I never meant to disrespect your hard work. Blogging and tweeting are in the public domain and as such one must take good with the bad and it is lucky we live in a society where we can choose to delete me or read me, that is your choice, I suggest you delete me from your list for I appear to annoy you immensely

a workaholics day is never done

I remember my father’s speech on my wedding day he said Robyn is a workaholic and then she has married one. I was taken aback by these words, I never considered myself a workaholic, I just thought I worked as hard as everyone else. I know many nurses who worked longer hours than they were rostered and paid. I worked with Sales Reps where some of our days were 16 hours or longer depending on conferences, weekends and education seminars. I worked with office staff who worked longer hours to complete a task so things could get done on time, so I never considered I wasn’t normal.

But I have to put it out there I am. I have many things to do and not enough hours in my day to complete them. I run my own business so have set hours to see clients, I run an online business so that needs attending to daily. I work up at the Keith Hospital in a Business Development, Fund Raising, Tender & Grants & Projects capacity so I am there before other businesses open the phones and leave when i know I can’t make any more calls so put letters together to be sent. I still spend many hours volunteering to get things done for the Keith Hospital to ensure the days I am there they get ‘bang for their buck’. I hate being told I don’t believe you, I can’t see how you can do that and just plain how do you do it when I can’t. I don’t like to think a task can get it over me and I have to leave it never to return to give up and not finish.

I am in the throes of organising many things but there is 2 priorities 1) Everyday Heroes set up for Amy Zilms walk from Melbourne to Keith, 2) Keith Hospital Cook Book and these are just 2 of 8 things I am involved in. Today’s talk is to find a publisher and distributor for the book once it has been complete. If you are reading this and can help me please contact me. I will spend the day (it’s about to hit 40 degrees here) also identifying and populating my excel spreadsheet on names and contacts to get more food / beverage businesses in the Limestone Coast to buy Advertising spaces.To all of us workaholics we don’t see it as work, I see it as a hobby, a challenge,  an interest to assist those who can not help themselves.

Stay cool in this terrible heat, drink lots of fluid and enjoy the cool change when it comes