*Names have been changed to protect the innocent*

A couple of weeks ago I was tied to a fence post and left alone in a back garden of cement, I was walked as much as the owners could but they went off to work each day, then suddenly on a nice sunny day this lady came and spoke to me clipped me onto a nice blue lead, called my name and opened the car door and I jumped in. I thought I was going for a walk, I was a bit timid and sat in the back looking at her as she drove out of the driveway.

I moved myself to the front seat and sat looking at her sideways, she spoke non stop as we drove and kept her hand on me. I was more interested in looking out of the window and smelling the fresh air than looking at her. It didn’t take me long to realize I she wasn’t going to shut up nor stop touching me, we drove for what seemed like l hours then she pulled upĀ  at a park, put the lead back on and out we got. I was very shy and kept trying to run away, she kept talking at me and walked me round and round the park till I settled.

We talked to some kids who had to hurry back to school, she let them pat me, then we went into this place that smelt like cats & dogs and she wanted to put me on the scales, how rude. The nice reception girl came over and lifted me onto them, told me I was perfect weight and was a lovely boy (she gave me a liver treat).

The door opened and out another girl came, she smelt nice and I kept going to her. My lady holding the lead was talking to her and petting me, she talked about black hand. The vet lady started running her fingers through my fur and said I had black fleas and needed immediate treatment, she gave me a liver treat. My lady said great, lets do it, the vet lady got a machine and it beeped they were all happy I was micro-chipped but then not happy as it was not registered.They shave my paw and took some blood to test for some heart worm, it was clear and I had a liver treats.

My lady said check his ears please, so the other nice lady from the other room came in and held my head while they stuck this really long hard stick in my ears, I wasn’t that happy, they gave me a liver treat and I became suspicious. They then wanted my temperature and the next thing I know I’m having something put in my bottom, all I wanted to do was turn around so she could remove it, that was fine, they offered me a liver treat, I had to be asked 3 times, as I worked it out, they only gave me treats when they wanted to invade my orifices !

Then they came at me with needles, I didn’t take the treat and headed to go underneath the table. The last thing the vet girl said to my lady is we are going to have to put these 3 big pills in his mouth to treat his fleas and by the time you get him home, it will have started dying, he will need a bath. Then as I was thinking we were about to leave the vet lady came at me and opened my mouth and put these awful things in it, I spat 2 out, I didn’t want them or another liver treat. But they came at me again and did it so I swallowed and didn’t have a liver treat. I turned my head in disgust.

I traveled further away from the concrete home with the lady I was looking at her now, I felt better so I gave her hand a little lick on this part of my trip. I was still anxious as to what was happening to me. She pulled up outside this place, opened a gate and I watched her the whole time, she pulled into the house, put me on the lead and met this man and we walked into the bathroom. They lifted me into this tub and she turned the water on I cried out, I was scared I had never had a bath. The nice man came back and he held me and talked at me whilst she bathed me, all this dirt and dead fleas ran off me. I felt so much better.

I went outside and met these black four legged creatures who tried to lick me and the man walked me round the yard on the lead. I was exhausted, it was a very big day. They fed me – my own food and I didn’t have to fight off others to have it, then they showed me a thing, it had sides and a lambswool pillow bottom, they called in Bailey’s bed. I sat down it in straight away, I sighed, I was only use to cement. I also didn’t scratch anymore, they pulled it into the bedroom on my first night, I had a woopsie up the curtain and they didn’t yell at me or tell me off, I woke up 4 times and wanted to go out so they got up with me and let me in and out with out telling me off.

I am Bailey, I am a dog and this is my story of my life at Caloundra Farm. Yea and that lady that talked at me for the drive, took me for a walk in the park on my new blue lead, waited with me at the vet, gave me my first bath and inside bed, she’s still here let’s call her Bella




Incomes, luxury and Living

There are some days one gets up and it starts, you know you already feel irritated from the minute you open your eyes? Sometimes it can be put down to PMS, other days stress, cold and being confined. If one doesn’t like their job the luxury of changing at will have now gone, especially in South Australia where the unemployment rate is 8.2% and no break in sight.

Living rural it’s even worse in the South East of South Australia the figure has hit 8.7% with over 7600 people looking for work, this doesn’t count those that have given up. It is something politicians make fodder out of, of course the opposition blame those in power until they become the sitting and then blame the ousted. It’s a cycle that is the carousel of all politics isn’t it, the way these people fight, spend our money with the saying ‘it’s for the good of the people” well I never asked them to sell the forest to build an oval and take 300 or more jobs out of the economy in a rural area, I wonder if there is now 300 people working in the oval on a daily basis, I suspect not. They paid off the debts of the cricket association, both AFL football teams and said we would all benefit. I am yet to see this benefit, I have been to meetings at the Adelaide Oval and it is fantastic but it was built at the sacrifice of many.

I would like for them (the politicians) to stop in-fighting, it’s a farce seeing the opposition people reading out statistics and when asked what would they do, they brush it off saying it’s not on their watch. If they get in power they them continue the blame. It would be great to see an opposition leader saying to the media, you know what I do have an idea and I’m catching up with the premier, Prime Minister etc so that we can plan this together. But they don’t and they won’t it’s be out there and criticize.

We then hear them on radio stating things like, “no we have to be positive, or we can’t move forward.” I can tell them, moving forward for most people is work, pay and paying the ever rising bills, without any source of income, how can anyone be positive. I am positive, it’s hard to keep motivated and happy about not having paid work, something politicians NEVER suffer from, for once they are voted out or retire the pension starts immediately and for life, the payments normally are more than the average wage and the benefits they get with travel is enormous.

Having B Bishop this week ousted for a chartered helicopter ride is the tip of the ice berg, not only is it living so far from reality it is offensive. If she truly believed she was acting in the rules, then why did she pay it? It was only $5000, there is no uproar for the $88,000 spent in a 15 day trip, why because they all do it.

I didn’t start this to be political diatribe I did start about putting on the cranky pants and I know this feeling will stay with me for a few days. I am unsettled, ready for change and yet stuck in the same place all at once. I rejoice in people’s happiness especially family joys and I also feel the confinements of rural living, I am now looking to closing down the salon, it is not earning enough to remain open, but that is the same story in cities and country towns, there is only so much money to go around, I know laser hair removal is a luxury many can’t afford and with the highest rate of unemployment in Australia being in my area, one can’t be surprised.