New Resolutions?

New Resolutions Did you make any? are you saying no I haven’t made any and yet secretly made them in your head (like me) and have started that journal in your head or putting things in a diary already? or have you done something different like write a bucket list to find the things that make you feel better about you? or did you recycle the ones from last year that you promised yourself you would achieve before the year was out?

Should we voice our resolutions, by putting them out there are we enlisting the help of others or setting ourselves up to fail?

Have you taken a standard normal route or have you taken the digital reduction route?  Making them is the easy part we can all put things up we need, i.e. more exercise, less girth, less gluttony, less liver damage and so on. In simple terms that stock standard, get fitter, lose weight, eat less and drink less to assist the first 3 to occur. No more notifications on the phone, turning the phone off for a period of time, reducing our availability to our social media and putting this time back into family and friends, like the real ones we (should) interact with.

Which did you go down or have you done both? I stopped the notifications on my phone a while ago as the temptation to check everything when I heard the ting lead to longer trips (pulling over to check) time loss and disappointment. I say disappointment as most of the time it’s not any thing directly related to me.

The amount of times I pulled over to check into social media to read all the inspiration sayings many put up, read the minions sayings many follow and to look at coffee pictures and animal rescue pictures will amount to at least 2 to 3 more trips to Adelaide and back (6 hour round trip). After finding myself shaking my head at some of the crap and yes I would have others shaking their heads at some of my crap, I turned it all off.

I made a comment of twitter on New Years Eve about the quality of a TV broadcast and whilst it got lots of support it also brought me a couple of seasoned trolls. The first one (years back) was a nasty piece of work who argued the point on every thing I did for a certain hospital all the while proclaiming God’s love and goodness in her life. One of my new ones, was trying to start something so I retweeted her and agreed, she was correct instead of complaining I could in fact change the channel  but not in a nice way and I still don’t know how I could turn it off with the remote in a place where one would need medical extraction. Luckily there is blocking and I am a firm advocate of switch me off if you don’t like what you read.

I have unfollowed a few of my face book friends for the fact they put up stuff ALL the time.For the unaware you don’t have to unfriend people you unfollow and it doesn’t highlight the fact you are no longer not following them. It could become awkward though if they direct message you to ask if or why you didn’t respond at the time they posted something but oh well.

How do all these things relate back to resolutions on 2nd January do you ask yourself: will I complete them? or will I slowly over time move on from them? should they be resolving, once achieved another takes it’s place? Does one start the diet on the day or leave it to day 2 just to give the body recovery from the night before? I suspect if you have arrived into Day 2 and have not answered these questions then you would be searching for a reason (perhaps) to start or to move them along.

The farmer has walked past and asked me when did I find time to make resolutions and I replied with who says I have? Writing about them is not living them, putting it on paper is not necessarily the beginning of a newer version of me, what ever that is supposed to be. It is meant to be a time where one reflects back and sends all the previous years bad things to live in the past and bring forward all the good things and expands them.

Start small I say, do up a list and tick them off when you feel you have completed them. Make your resolutions realistic things you know your capable of, enhance them by inviting others to join you should you wish. I intend to keep mine to myself and slowly move towards getting them done. I’ll keep you posted as I move them along, now I must go take down Christmas – I was meant to do it yesterday.