Incomes, luxury and Living

There are some days one gets up and it starts, you know you already feel irritated from the minute you open your eyes? Sometimes it can be put down to PMS, other days stress, cold and being confined. If one doesn’t like their job the luxury of changing at will have now gone, especially in South Australia where the unemployment rate is 8.2% and no break in sight.

Living rural it’s even worse in the South East of South Australia the figure has hit 8.7% with over 7600 people looking for work, this doesn’t count those that have given up. It is something politicians make fodder out of, of course the opposition blame those in power until they become the sitting and then blame the ousted. It’s a cycle that is the carousel of all politics isn’t it, the way these people fight, spend our money with the saying ‘it’s for the good of the people” well I never asked them to sell the forest to build an oval and take 300 or more jobs out of the economy in a rural area, I wonder if there is now 300 people working in the oval on a daily basis, I suspect not. They paid off the debts of the cricket association, both AFL football teams and said we would all benefit. I am yet to see this benefit, I have been to meetings at the Adelaide Oval and it is fantastic but it was built at the sacrifice of many.

I would like for them (the politicians) to stop in-fighting, it’s a farce seeing the opposition people reading out statistics and when asked what would they do, they brush it off saying it’s not on their watch. If they get in power they them continue the blame. It would be great to see an opposition leader saying to the media, you know what I do have an idea and I’m catching up with the premier, Prime Minister etc so that we can plan this together. But they don’t and they won’t it’s be out there and criticize.

We then hear them on radio stating things like, “no we have to be positive, or we can’t move forward.” I can tell them, moving forward for most people is work, pay and paying the ever rising bills, without any source of income, how can anyone be positive. I am positive, it’s hard to keep motivated and happy about not having paid work, something politicians NEVER suffer from, for once they are voted out or retire the pension starts immediately and for life, the payments normally are more than the average wage and the benefits they get with travel is enormous.

Having B Bishop this week ousted for a chartered helicopter ride is the tip of the ice berg, not only is it living so far from reality it is offensive. If she truly believed she was acting in the rules, then why did she pay it? It was only $5000, there is no uproar for the $88,000 spent in a 15 day trip, why because they all do it.

I didn’t start this to be political diatribe I did start about putting on the cranky pants and I know this feeling will stay with me for a few days. I am unsettled, ready for change and yet stuck in the same place all at once. I rejoice in people’s happiness especially family joys and I also feel the confinements of rural living, I am now looking to closing down the salon, it is not earning enough to remain open, but that is the same story in cities and country towns, there is only so much money to go around, I know laser hair removal is a luxury many can’t afford and with the highest rate of unemployment in Australia being in my area, one can’t be surprised.

When it doesn’t work … what then

It is amazing isn’t it we go along for great periods of time working at things to achieve outcomes and some of these take years. We can work at being married, being a parent, a friend, a sister, a mother and though at times we faulter and feel like failures we know these are the things we love and enjoy so we move on from the times it may seem hard.

These are things that are everyday and only feel like work when it does get hard, what about life’s intrusions such as work, there is paid employment, volunteer ‘work’ and then there is the slog of daily activities that lead to being paid, in the case of farming there is periods without income and then periods with income, selling crop and animals is cyclic and not a weekly or monthly income. All farmers wait for better prices, sometimes they come sometimes they don’t.

What if you get to the stage where you know you’re doing it wrong, perhaps that’s harsh, as there is no such thing as wrong, it’s should be called different. Once you get to the point where there is no outcomes most change tactics and farmers are experts at this, they really are. I am amazed at their strengths, tenacity and ingenuity and most perseverance. Their ability to assess, nurture and move on in agriculture, I believe there is not another job in the world that is more difficult. What they do grows things, feeds other people, it keeps animals alive in times of drought and without farmers where would be get our industries from.

When most people come to the point where they know what they are doing needs a change in direction, do most people do this or fall back onto the defensive, “this is the way I have always done it so I’m finding people who will support this.” I am guilty of this in past careers, move on rather than adapt and change, moving the country has given me a different perspective, I HAVE to adapt to environment, employment opportunities (where there is none) and outcomes on areas I assist in. I don’t believe I do much work as I don’t value my own contribution to farming, I can’t see deliverables and this may be a wrong assumption. I know my husband thanks me all the time for what I do, but as a person we value ourselves on the income we provide to contribute to our households and I haven’t been able to do this for a long time.

Do I stop now what I am doing and move myself out of my own way and into paid employment? I have retrained albeit in an industry I never thought I would go (Beauty) and whilst I enjoy what I do , it really is the ‘nice’ career and not really mentally challenging. Do I keep going and work with people that can’t deliver back to me? I think I am a good change agent, I take people on face value and am finding that we are poles apart, what I need now isn’t where they are at.

In my network I have many a strong highly educated women that through no fault of their own find / found themselves redundant and all by other women. It is astounding that we don’t support the sisterhood, women in power seem to get rid of those that the feel ‘threaten them’ rather than nurture and support. Is there an industry out there for women who can but are held back not by men but by other women? I believe so, but how does one break this cycle when even the retiring Gail Kelly – selects a male to step into her shoes rather than the woman who sat alongside her and supported her?

It’s one of those days, where I know I’m going to have to change tactics and advance myself or I am going to be doing laser hair removal on every bikini line in the district…