Excuses one gives

I have an office that over looks the rear part of our house block, I could call it a back yard but I am aware it is bigger than my house block in the city. Our house is located on 20 acres but I couldn’t tell you exactly how much is back side or front. I wasn’t here when the farmer bought the house, moved it from the purchase location and built his home here, I came later.

All I know when I look out my lovely big office window is green grass, bush, dog compounds, grape vines and cattle of late. We have let a mob into the house yards as they are good a chewing down over growth, it’s good roughage and helps keep the bush from over growing and creating fire risks.

The cattle are quiet and they roam together eating, it sets the working dogs off, they love to ’round them up’ that is what they are taught to do, so on days like this when the farmer has had to go to town and get some things fixed, I leave them in their compounds. Don’t worry the compounds are approx. 4 metres by 4 metres, they have shelter and baths and they can watch things come and go. But they bark and with the cattle in the yard they bark day and night.

I sit doing book work, at the moment it’s BAS work and taxes time – yes I have to admit I ma late submitting this year. But I promise (my accountant) I’ll have this to you before the due date. I was chatting to a girlfriend on the phone when I could see a sprout of water being spewed into the air, surrounded by cattle happily munching and drinking it. They love fresh water, in-fact cattle drink 1 gallon or 3.7 litres to every 100 lbs or 45 kilos and as we have them ranging from 200 kilos or 440.9 lbs to over 600 kilos or  1322 lbs they drink a lot.

I raced to the back door, saying “gotta go cattle have turned the water on, last thing we need is the rain water tank drained, we have already pumped up from our emergency tanks”. I threw the phone on the couch and then pulled my boots on which I leave a pair by both doors and raced outside towards the spurting hose. I talk to the cattle as I go as they need to move on rather than run at me in fear. I managed to get the tap switched off, some of the cattle stood looking and they younger ones walked quickly in fear.

I figured that was the best excuse ever to get off the phone. Have a good hump day everyone.

yard bull

yard bull

Hump day

We are back here again, hump day, I said this to my Huz the other day and he had never heard the term. I explained it was the day that was the middle of the working week, the one you know you HAVE to get through to do the downward run to the weekend. It’s the day I run my business in the Bordertown pharmacy and I do enjoy it. I do laser IPL hair removal whilst the other girls do pigmentation, veins, spots, acne and mirco-hydro-dermabrasion. They have a beautiful set up and I am thrilled to be part of it.

I am struggling this hump day and wonder if it has anything to do with the full moon from the previous couple of days. Huz was up early as he is travelling to Victoria with a mate to purchase a car hoist, so this means we are all up, cats, dogs and sleeping me. He is not the quietest of people and puts the light on to look for stuff, though a good planner her fails to get most things ready the night before, by this I mean clothes, shoes, backpack so it’s a dig it out of the cupboard whilst in a hurry to leave.

As it’s also getting lighter and warmer at 530am in the morning, this morning I chose not to lie in, I was over it by 615am so put my gear on and did a 6.5km jog on the treadmill. It took me just on an hour, which I am thrilled about as it displays to me I am getting fitter. Pete the golden likes to lie in the doorway on the carpet watching me (actually he sleeps facing the room) the cats all settle back down and ignore me, so the iPod goes on and off I go. Every time I get on it I promise myself it will become a daily ritual, one that I am yet to do, with TAFE, work and other things I sometimes get time in the afternoon but lack enthusiasm to do it.

Hump day is like that, though most people start things on a Monday (the most popular day to start anything new), Wednesday is the next most popular day for people to commence diets & exercise programs. I used Dr google for this information. Don’t ever start on a Friday unless you have more willpower than most as most people can dream about as, it’s the day before the weekend and can be stressful and the option here is to cancel plans and start the next week.

Anyway I am on the downward stretch to the end of the working day. Hope your hump day isn’t taking as long as mine.