It’s our Wedding Anniversary

It’s come around again, which I must say is a good thing, it means we are still together and still very much invested in each others lives. Though there are days when laying in bed (alone) and pulling the covers over ones eyes is preferable to some days when things are stressful.

The best part of us is that we can laugh at ourselves and mostly at each other, I never thought I would be married and he never thought he would marry again, if not for the fact I organized our 20 year high school reunion we probably would not have re-met up but who’s to say? We were not boyfriend and girlfriend at school we were however friends – well he use to follow me around the library – if that counts and he was a border whilst I was a day scrag as we were all known back in the 80’s.

I remember when we started to see each other and distance was the biggest enemy, I was a full-time mum and worked and travelled and still managed to make time to travel 600kms (round trip) to the farm and commence and grow a relationship. It was not without its troubles or issues, I lost a few demerit points trying to get back in time for work or daughter. I was told once there is no such thing as a brown cow and I shouldn’t make the mistake to stating as such – as they are considered red – commonly known in the country – not so much for the city girl. It was lucky his were black so there was need to have this conversation. I have since found out there are brown cows – Dairy Cows called Brown Swiss so not being Dairy was also a good thing.

I have enjoyed the farm over the years and have seen how hard people (farmers) work. I have asked him to teach me many things – so when slave labour is needed (as is known by country kids all over the world – a free pair of hands when paid workers aren’t required) I am there.

In our first winter getting a tour over 5000 acres in his Ute with 5 dogs (Rat, Peggy, Heidi, Polly & Pete all now deceased) we came to a paddock and he said I normally get bogged in here and then proceeded to drive through and  true to his word we got bogged, up to the door way of the Ute. He climbed out and said I’m off to get a tractor and I’ll come back and pull you out.  I didn’t realize we were over 5kms from the farm and it took a couple of hours, it was very dark when he came back.

I asked the next day if he could teach me to drive the tractors so that if he was ever stupid enough to do it again or if anyone else got stuck I could help. I then became the main driver and still am when we plant 3000 trees every year. It was also helpful when we had fire, I was able to load up the hay trailer so that we could feed out during times of emergencies.

I have traded my high heels for Rossi’s, rented my house out in the city, given up a medical sales career, taken up a beauty career concentrating in Laser hair removal. Helped deliver calf’s, ear tagged cattle, mustered cattle, lamb marked, ringed testicles (not his) ringed tails, learnt an accounting system, volunteered to assist to save the local Keith Hospital and not regretted any of it.

We have buried 5 beautiful dogs, 1 cat and gained 3 dogs and 4 cats in the process, never alone the baby lambs I have hand reared or the calves. We have also celebrated our 30 yr high School reunion and will celebrate 40 yrs within the next 8 years, though I hope there is more time for travel, friends and visiting my daughter in the city more often, along with my family in the nexy 8 years.

This year we are 3rd place on the podium – Bronze (8th year). It was a great wedding and many happy times have come along since. I hope for many more


Interesting aspects of life

Since I married a grazier or farmer as some would like to say, never in my life had I been interested in silence. I know, one would think this would be the weather, the scenery, the animals or the paddocks but I have decided it’s silence. We all drive in Australia our land is vast and spacious, so getting around can require long ‘road trips’ for me getting to the city and back is a 6 hour trip, I have done this on many occasions in one day, there is no option to fly, no airfield and no private plane is parked at my house nor in the town. Keith does have an airstrip which lands the RFDS, and other flying machines but there is no commercial service available.

I travel and note the scenery and changes to it with the seasons, the land is dry and the paddocks and hills are still brown considering we are now in the middle month of Autumn. I love the greenery of the Adelaide Hills it always reminds me of winter – my favourite season. It is a time when my grazier husband can relax, there is food around, there is water and the dams fill. we can have fire which provides warmth and comfort on those cold winters night.

I come to Adelaide a lot, not as much as I would like but a lot more than him, and it is here I realize that I miss it. The silence at night, the calls of animals the sounds of wind, rain, leaves rustling, stillness, roosters and dogs barking, it is a comforting silence. It is the noise of the land that allows you to lie in bed awake in the dark in peace. To really feel the soul of the earth is to hear the sounds of silence. We do get the occasional noise of a truck or car but this is rare and it is not a constant drone that seems to descend upon the city.

The sounds of the night I can hear are cats jumping on fences, cars constantly moving, droning through the night like they are looking for something. The noise level is defined by the size of the vehicle, trucks and cars make very different patterns on the road surfaces and keep coming in succession. Where is the sound of nothing? even after the vehicle has passed you can hear the next one coming, there is no rustling of leaves, no silence of the land as it rests ready to be woken at dawn.

The city is always awake the land never appears to rest, it is always assisting. I enjoy the city, it is alive but so too is the country, both offer many things, lifestyles, life choices and for me both are vital to my happiness and future growth. Living where I do is special and we try to leave the land value added rather than take away it’s value. Having the luxury of a welcoming bed at my daughters or parents place or hotel gives me the best of both world, though I now find I do sleep much better in the country.