Times they are a changing

Isn’t it funny how much can change in a week, a day or from yesterday. Time is fleeting, informative and ever challenging if you are unable to get a good work life balance. From where I sit today and I’m sitting uncomfortably with back and leg pain, many things can be viewed in glass half full or glass half empty. I sit and listen to Craig Thompson and his excuses for spending extraordinary amounts of other people’s money whilst in charge of a union and I shake my head at this wastage and not from a moral stance but from that of a worker paying union dues expecting those in charge would be diligent and honest. I hear his glass half full speech and I wonder what the truth is, we the public will never know but one thing can be guaranteed, the money will not be paid back. There will be one to force this and I suspect he will not offer this.

We in Keith do have a Glass half full attitude and today the sense of relief in the community is understandable, we have been given a one-off grant to help the hospital recruit Doctor’s on a permanent basis. Currently we have the wonderful services of locum Doctors and they cost large amounts of money, but we need the service, we want the service to continue. Effectively the Government handing over the grant is a sure-fire way of securing the future of the Keith Hospital and this is very exciting. There are so many people and groups that need to pack themselves on their backs for remaining positive when there was no light at the end of the tunnel. We need to thank the hardworking volunteer Board of Management who were and still are tirelessly working towards having a full glass. The grant is a glass half full, it gives us time to search and put things into play and balance to get the hospital running efficiently and effectively as it possibly can without affecting patient care and the community. We need to thank all the community who have tirelessly fund raised and will do so for a while yet, but the grant has given people hope. Hope for the future, hope for financial security, hope for work and hope for the ongoing community spirits. We also must thank the Government for identifying there was a need to offer this grant to keep the facility open.