the budget & me

Well here it is, the budget for 2012, no matter what your political leanings are, it is hard to believe that by upping your limit on your credit card and taking money from other areas will bring ‘savings’. In my household it does not work like this. I have been a budget freak for years, with one income and child in private school I had to account for every dollar and sometimes I did not do this well but other times I did.

What I didn’t account for ever was not having a job and this has become now a task, a full-time career, trying to make money or get gainful employment when there is limited opportunities in the country. I look at these people in politics and think no matter what they have great super, a great pension and really will not ‘suffer’ the same fate as the ordinary person. Going into Aged Care facilities now requires a down payment of $300,000 so if you or your parents do not own a home – where is this money to come from?

The budget may be the talk of the day but it does not stop the bills coming in, food to be purchased, mortgage to pay or rent depending upon your circumstances. Without an income how does one look at their day and move through it? It simply is hard and I think I can say most governments do not see this or if they do, they forget whilst the average person pays all their taxes (as do politicians) they do not have the luxury of having no car expenses, Rego and petrol, these people get driven everywhere, being able to transport oneself at the expense of others is a savings on its own.

The budget does not mean much to most people as everyone knows you need to work to pay bills, no work, no money and no budget by this Government will fix unemployment or create work where there is none. I consider myself lucky in that I have a roof over my head, food and family that I love. The budget will affect many people in all areas, DH read out to me this morning that overseas they pay a $4 carbon tax so how can we ‘Australia’ be looking to pay $20? I have no answers for him, I don’t get it either.