Election “that’s how the fight started”

My take on our elections “thats how the fight started”
John Howard introduces us to Peter Costello and thats how the fight started.
Simon Crean has the job and introduces us to Mark Latham and thats how the fight started
Mark Latham fights with a taxi driver and thats how the fight ended
in comes Kevin07 introduces us to Julia Gillard and that’s how the fight started.
Malcom agreed with a climate change tax and introduced us to Tony Abbot and that’s how the fight started
Julia keeps Kevin and thats how the fight started.
Kevin introduces us to Bill Shorten and thats how the fight ended.
Tony keeps Malcolm and thats how the fight ended.
We have an election in 2016 with Malcolm & Bill and thats how the fight started.
“you’re welcome”

Kevin is a bully can’t people see that?

My DH (Dear Husband) thinks I am enjoying the spectacle of the political undertakings, Julia squirming, Ministers having political dummy spits & Kevin well then there’s Kevin. I am hearing the words “micro-manager” “insular” “solo decision manager” “temperament & inability to have decisions made”. Not enough support yet as I said to DH is what they are not saying is that all these words amount to bullying. Why are they not saying it? is this because this goes against all of their Industrial Relations Laws. Bully’s should be dismissed immediately but as in this case it came from the top and when you are in a bullying situation it normally comes from the top. Think the previous David Jones Manager – besides sexual harassment it is bullying. There will be out cries from the Rudd supporters, nothing wrong with Micro- Managing – some managers have lots to share  – which is disguised term for “do it my way or put up with the constant harassment, phone calls and exclusion.

We know he is a bully so why are they covering it in shades of grey? this would be because all Political Parties would have to be accountable for how they treat each other as examples to all employers all over the country. The Leadership spill is just the tip of the iceberg and should be taught in schools as classic bullying that is never resolved nor identified. Bully’s aren’t defined by size shape or position they are just people who think they “know better” “know more” “feel threatened” “taller” “shorter” “fatter” “thinner” “male” “female” and just plain mean and manipulative. We have all experienced this person, they are egocentric “but I’m meant to take responsibility for that” was a statement I was told once despite the fact I considered us a team and was only assisting as they were busy doing other things.

Bullys are also “victims” of their own press and self belief and they normally can not see or recognise the effect they have on others. I am thinking how dare they, he hold up in a 5 or 6 star hotel in America on the pigs back sucking the taxpayers money, he resigned all privileges should be revoked immediately and he should be given the bill. Never alone left to sit in this hotel racking up bills for himself and now the poor staff that would effectively be out of a job as he resigned his position. Selfish and a bully.I can’t think of 1 boss I have ever had that would have allowed this behaviour, approved a person to have asleep over in a hotel, get 1st class tickets to return after starting the fight. She in a 5 star hotel overlooking beautiful Glenelg beach, seeing her Mum I can get, when you are bullied, terminated, happy or sad some of us look to our Parents or significant others  for emotional support. She is in a no win situation, not saying she is without blame but it is really poor form on his part. She the boss – is this sexual harassment on his part? would he be doing this to another man?

I feel cheated, my vote discounted, there will be hours of work / productivity wasted watching the school yard, office bully to attempt to appear the aggrieved and justify his actions and reactions. We shall await the fallout it will come and it is normally swift. To all of our pollies, many of us say “stop it, call an election for we the people paying your salaries deserve better and not to be dragged into the Board Room fight” Whether you like Kevin or Julia surely you can see this episode is nothing short of bullying. is anyone else feeling cheated watching this train wreck?