Life moves fast doesn’t it? taking the saying from Ferris Bueller’s day off and things change around us rapidly. Besides having to survive over 40 degree celsius heat with no electricity over the weekend. I have had lots of things change and some are permanent and others aren’t either way they have made me reflect and think about making changes to compensate.

I have had 3 friends battle significant health issues since December and sadly one of those friends we had to say good-bye to, the other two thankfully are still fighting on and inspiring many to change how they think and feel about their own health issues. I have had a male friend start to identify his weight as a problem and he is bravely and weekly putting this out on Facebook and from my recollection he is now approx. 25kg’s lighter and looking to lose another 20 or so more. He is inspiring others and I have told him he should blog about it as a male he would not be alone, but as a male they commonly don’t share this type of struggle never alone post the weighing scales weekly – what an amazing bloke, he makes me stop at the fridge door and ask myself why am I eating? Weight is something we all have a battle with mostly don’t we?

I have another friend who has had an episode of gout and referred back to the battle of one of our other friends saying it’s nothing compare to what she is going through. I did agree but it all becomes relative doesn’t it? But it was lovely to read and see that people wish to share, these are men and women from my high school days and it makes me feel part of their lives following our 1st reunion over 12 years ago. Facebook is great for this type of thing.

I look around me and see our farm and see how hard we are working in this drought and I know others are doing it tough, the business I opened in December is now virtually non-existent, it is 4 days per month, I had such big plans but living in a rural community where people spend money on food for stock rather than themselves I now need to wait it out till we get a break, it is distressing.

I also woke this week following horrific heat wave over 3 days to see that the beautiful Pete, my nearly 17-year-old Golden Retriever’s smoky eye has whitened up and he is having problems seeing. I have started eye drop treatment and hopefully it will help him either get better or retain the sight in his good eye. I don’t want him to suffer any pain, so I am lucky to be able to get medical advice over the phone and by text. I know that he will not live forever and I will be sad when he goes, but as I said to dear daughter, he can still find his water and food bowls. He needs a little bit more intensive care than previously.

This year has started with challenges and I hope doesn’t end with them, I love winter and am looking forward to cooler weather, happier news and great times with friends.



Holiday in Bali? no thanks

I have recently read that 1 Australian a week dies in Bali, that is an astounding figure so of those that get reported say 1 in 10 there are 10 more that go unrecognized by the media but not by their families. We read and hear about methanol being put in drinks, this is not a one-off but a CONSTANT story we are hearing, yet people flock there and drink the cocktails that will kill them. I cannot understand why the authorities are not doing anything about this long-established practice, I really can’t.

The other thing that amazes me is also the amount of people who travel there without INSURANCE, what is that? an extra $150 to save your family from having to sell their house, cash in their superannuation or worse still get money of all of their friends in the guise of fundraising? This amount is about $150,000, surely if you are travelling overseas insurance should be compulsory, I don’t whether people take the risk if they travel to America, it is well reported the medical costs are enormous, even repatriating a body back can cost more than people’s houses.

It is well reported that tourism is the life blood of Bali, yet there seems to be countless horror stories about ‘holidays’ and there never seems to be a solution. I have also read countless stories of raw sewerage in rooms, dirty sheets (others have slept in) and poor conditions in total, yet people flock there. It is ‘cheap’, ‘fun’ you can drink lots, have your hair braided and buy countless counterfeit goods, DVD’s and jewellery. Wow, doesn’t that sound enticing.

I myself prefer to travel within Australia, you don’t need insurance, good health care is the rule not the exception, and you can have fun, drink and see some even more beautiful scenery than overseas. Darwin has mindil beach markets, it’s free, multi cultural and you can sit and watch a fabulous sunset. Sydney has the Bridge & Opera house where you can walk across it, walk around it all the while watching the boats and life in the Harbor, these activities are also free. Melbourne has Federation square, MCG and many more icons in close proximity, no one charges you here either. WA has the swan river, Margaret River region and they are all beautiful, Tasmania has Salamanca markets in Hobart and much more, Adelaide has the City River precinct or Glenelg Beach and a world renown wine region that are easily accessible and free to sit and enjoy the scenery. Queensland also offers many an exciting area to go and enjoy

Each state has its own nightlife and fun is what you make, when you are anywhere, people make fun, not places. Bali is not on my bucket list and I love travel in all states and territories in Australia. Keep our dollars here, we too have the impoverished, homeless and industries that need supporting. Shop home first, you may pay a little bit more to get there and every place has it’s cultural and food precincts that need to be tested and enjoyed. Holiday at home, not as prestigious as saying I was overseas but value for money never the less.


This was not the blog I wanted to write this morning, I was going to talk about machinery in farming as my Facebook friends, (farmers) pointed out,I said he was out on the header and they said “harvesting this early?” no actually he seeding so he must have been out on the Air Seeder. I not very good after all this time identifying these useful and expensive pieces of equipment, I get to drive them when he needs a break, move them to re fuel or fill with water to add chemical if it is the boom spray but naming them without assistance isn’t difficult if I think about it. I just lazy and have limited involvement unless I am asked.

We are currently going through the process of getting another bank, as the business has used a grain pay account that the bank is no longer going to support and we have 5 days to find a new one. Of course now, one must consider the fees and charges that have not been with the other account as the farm has had it since the 60’s before banks became corporate and worried more about shareholders than account holders. I have taken over doing the books years ago and this is now a complicated process, it gets harder annually and I have to juggle more than I think. This year with the realisation we will not have children together and with aging parents we need to consider our options so we have changed accountants to accommodate possibilities one doesn’t think about in your twenties, such as death and who would manage the farm or books should something happen to either of us.

The sharing of these decisions opens topics to wishes and wants as we age, a who gets what scenario that perhaps we wouldn’t talk about if this was not a going concern. We both have wills but these were done before we married so we are also looking at renewing them so that our wishes are clear. These things are vital to healthy relationships and aging farmers, many a death occurs where there is no will and it is a nightmare for the person left behind. As this is a family business owned by three people, I am not a part of it, but would like my interests to be considered should he die before the other family members and what people say in life and do after death can be to different things. We have all seen this side of human nature, when one considers they are ‘owed’ more than the other.

Here is where we depend on each other, not to be generous but to be fair and kind to each other without excluding the others. We have talked about what to do with pets as we both know should he go before me, I will sell and leave the farm, if I should go before him he would stay but I would expect my daughter’s interests to be put first. Now this is clear it makes moving into our middle years easier to deal with and plan for. Being on a farm one becomes dependent on the other for many things including social interaction, happiness, respect of opinion and all things in between. It also makes an argument harder to not work through, one can not go to work and forget about it, nor can one meet up with girlfriends have the coffee session ‘compare notes’ and move on, one learns to become honest and say how the other made you feel, confronting yet it is a quick and easy way to move on. One soon learns the art of sharing. Dependency isn’t a bad thing nor is it a good thing, at times I feel the constraints as I am sure he does and at others it gives freedom to be open and real.


a good nights sleep and ready to take on everything

It has been a busy time, where I am settling into my new role. I spent part of yesterday at the Keith Hospital as nurse for the GP clinic, then was on call till 10 pm last night. Luckily nothing happened after I left and I was able to get to bed relatively early feeling slightly gastric. The gastro bug is sweeping through our school at the moment, I seem to be able to have held it off only with a small episode. Other than DH waking as soon as I turn everything off, where he tosses and turns, watches TV or turns the radio on I managed to sleep through it to wake at my usual time – which if you live in SA, that is an hour early.

Yes daylight saving has finished so that we are now half an hour behind QLD, I mark us against QLD as that is the crappy satellite TV service we get. We get ALL QLD rugby (both types) on the TV instead of the AFL so missed the Crows beating Gold Coast Suns and my team Melbourne being beaten by Brisbane. Brisbane have a special place in my heart due to their assistance with the Keith Hospital campaign where I was lucky enough to have a photo taken with them. So despite the defeat against my beloved Demons I forgive them. The size of the loss indicates that there are lots of new talent in these young men and most have to get use to change of state and leaving family behind, topped off by the death of Jim Stynes. It would have been a very difficult week for them.

I get the struggle to keep on top, I think we can all identify with wanting to come out tops but remaining average. We push ourselves to complete tasks, remain focused and sometimes neglect areas of our lives to keep on top of daily things. I have been so consumed with the responsibility of being the Acting DON of the Keith hospital I have not completed my walks this week and my back is feeling it. I have 5 baskets of washing (mine) to fold and put away, DH did his own as well as cleaning drawers out of mouse pooh (AGAIN) now nothing will live in the kitchen drawers not one thing, DH has been warned all the contents are going into a box to be rifled through if it is needed. 

I have stripped the bed and must clean up the mecurachrome mess from the bottle I dropped on the bathroom tile 2 nights ago. I soaked the bulk of the liquid up but dear there will be a red stain left from my tiredness. I am one of those people who when I tire I knock things over, trip over, drop and break glasses and have been known to fall and break bones. Lucky nothing major, I am not a calamity in motion I am just me.  I have washing to attend and a house to prepare for our Easter guests which I think arrive from Wednesday night onwards. We are very much looking forward to Easter as we are creating a tradition with my family, where they come with campers, children and a healthy attitude to do things. We have taught 11 yr olds to drive manual utes, we have walked on our property, they have helped with fencing, cooking in camp ovens, having a ladies lunch with Easter Bonnets and have a great time around the bonfire.

I must go I feel invigorated by my good nights sleep and the washing machine is beeping so it must be finished, I have a sink full of water and have completed washing all of the utensils from the drawers. I know I need an updated kitchen but I have decided I want to go to New York next January to hear my Mother & her choir sing in Carnegie hall. So the kitchen can wait !