I am sitting at my desk having to do 2 assignments, a business plan, a business menu (I think I need to call it), a power point, a capability statement and a potential statement all by Wednesday. I could also do some book work and pay bills if I stretch myself, but I won’t today. I have three computers on, one playing a movie (as I like noise) as I work, this computer I am working on, a text-book open and google on the third computer, so I don’t have to jump screens.

It seems crazy years ago I would have only had one computer and worked a bit harder. Pete the dog is lying on his quilt on the floor at my feet, as I look outside I see sunshine and the trees are moving to the wind. The farmer has charge of 4 teenage boys and they are out doing fencing work, it will be interesting to hear what they think when they come in. They went out in long sleeve shirts, (sensible and a must for working in the Australian sun), smothered in sunscreen, caps / hats on and water bottles filled. They will mainly be walking distances tying droppers on so he can strain the fence. It won’t be hard work but it will be hot and tiresome. It is also a necessity for farmers to have good fences to keep stock in and out of neighbour’s paddocks, good fences keep rabbits out of crops and can deter kangaroos from jumping in.

This fence was assisted by another teenage boy we had come to visit us earlier this week and he did a good job assisting on day and declining to help the next. As I talked about what he did I explained (as did the farmer), he was entitled to have a couple of days doing nothing before school starts. It is also work that is tedious, out in the heat and requires a bit of strength. Hammering in posts, moving cut branches off is heavy work. People do not realize the work load until they do come up here to help and then it can be over whelming, as it’s never-ending. There is always work of some sort and when it comes to fencing there is kilometres and kilometres of it.

The farmers plan is to work them hard enough that they are exhausted and will go to sleep early, they are all sleeping in the lounge room on mattresses on the floor and last night, he had to get up at 130am and ask them to go to sleep. These boys that we have had stay are lovely city boys and doing work on the farm is new to many of them, it is also under estimated how difficult it can be and some parents over-estimate their children’s abilities, either way it works out in the end. The kids are normally good at saying they can’t do it or don’t want to do it, or love doing it so much they wish to come back to do more. It is a good lesson in many ways for them and we don’t expect it for nothing we do pay them for their work.

We all work to our own pace and we all achieve what it is we set out to do, whether or not you start something and not finish it, or if you do go onto to finish it. I’ll finish all this by the end of the weekend so that I meet other people’s and my own deadlines. Whether we work for ourselves or others we all start wanting to please that person or ourselves, to finish a project started gives one a sense of satisfaction

Kangaroo & Joey

Kangaroo & Joey

Today is brought to you by the Letter L

“We are now doing random alphabetical jumps, no longer any order to my blog, but it’s nice to be back writing. We are moving into summer and already we look to cloudy skies for rain. The paddocks are getting dry and the dust is beginning to swirl with the winds, my hay fever is active and I am now sitting in an office where I have 3 computer screens and wearing glasses most of the time. I go between this and my other work in my local town.

I am desperately looking for Tax assessment notices for myself to complete some paperwork I need (plus it’s time to ditch the old 1990’s tax stuff) and in going through my filing cabinet I have come across a ‘fax note’. He was never one on letters and also by the time we came to being a couple – letter writing was SO 1990’s, we moved into the fast past fax & emails. He had no computer skills at the time so faxes it was. Isn’t finding interesting things so much more better than doing the work you HAVE to do?

One thing he did do, despite really not having a romantic bone in my body with distance was the tyranny, phone calls expensive and our time together limited, was he would send a fax. I have been lucky over the years to have worked a lot from home, this was great for being able to work and spend time with my daughter. But sometimes as in now I find myself in the office with computers on and paperwork all around me.

Faxes were the go in the late 2000’s, scanners weren’t really a thing and as I stated he was very computer illiterate (he didn’t even own one) so he did a ‘love’ fax thing. we had been ‘seeing” each other for approximately 1 month. He did make me laugh and some of the things he wrote made no sense till I could contact him later in the evening to get an explanation.

One such love fax is attached here but it had me scratching my head all day (I did preference this with the fact I don’t have much of a romantic notion about life or people) they are what they are and who they choose to be, we all have faults (some less than others) and we all have great traits. His was the ability to make me laugh and soften my rough “I’m a singe mother” hard edges.

It reads love letter

sent at 07:36 20/11/2002

Stop Press

“Tom attacked by Rooster  Last night”  hurt tendon in wrist

“Rooster Dead”

wish I was there

No calf marking today.

Initially I had no idea who Tom was (his father) why he would be attacked by a rooster (they can be mean and charge when angry) hurt tendon – pictured a torn wrist with tendon hanging out and needing surgery – did I tell you I am a Theatre RN, we all jump from simple scratch on wrist without seeing it to requiring micro-surgery to repair said torn tendon in order that “Tom” would be able to use his hand again. My nursing friends will know this is a logical conclusion without a first hand (witnessed) account.

Rooster Dead – had no idea why it would die, never thought for a minute it would become dinner. Wished he could be there – for him to laugh at his father, me only to apply first aid (Florence nightingale style – picture lamp & moist head cloth or hand cloth here to stem the  pulsating blood flow)

No calf marking today – never having seen it or done it I had no idea what to even think about this except perhaps he goes to the paddocks and marks the calves – ticks or crosses on a sheet as to good size or small size, never knew about this procedure until much later in our relationship. hard work on one’s own.

The Love Faxes never really got much better than that, I know jealous aren’t you all, I wonder what I would do or feel if I was ever sent a real ‘love letter’ but life isn’t a movie is it? it’s an opportunity to be who you are and if you’re lucky, share it with an equal whose company you enjoy, makes you smile more than 80% of the time and is kind, caring and shares your views on family.

Enjoy your Friday everyone




Communication’s Breakdown all around

Well I have well and truly had enough of this week, it being Friday and all it’s been a tough week since last Saturday. I received another of those calls that no parent wants to hear, the first one (many years ago) “do we have ambulance cover Mum?” yes we do and yes it was used for a dislocated shoulder. This saturday, “I have been in a car accident do I have insurance and what do I do?” yes she does and I’ll see you in 3 hours as I hang up the phone and race out the door. That is the perils of living in the country, it’s never just 20 minutes away, it is three hours and one can not shorten it. I have a wonderful family that are close by that can help her out and did so, by packing up all the stuff in the car and delivering her to her home. She was sore and has a suspected fractured rib, so I stayed and worked on doing 3 years of business tax whilst looking after her.

This is where the trouble started I was loving myself sick on Wednesday night when I got back to the farm, I have set myself goals to complete tasks so I can move my life forward and look for work. I am still effectively unemployed and I hate it. So yesterday I have 1 folder of receipts to go and was in the process of doing this when we needed to head to the local town to organise our banking, but we also needed to go where we could get internet access. Our home Internet has not worked since Tuesday and we need to do banking etc. I shut my computer down as per normal to return to reboot and it would not reboot. Not having done a back up on this information I felt sick. I rang the company as per the instructions on my screen to be told it needs a new hard drive. UGGGH! the waves of horror waft through me.

I spent the better part of 2 hours on the phone for the house internet provider to be told it needs to be replaced and they would send a new box within 2 working days – for us that means no internet till next Wednesday at the earliest. Talking with technicians re my laptop they will send a technician on Monday to an Adelaide address. In the meantime I am panicking about my taxes and then all of the Keith Hospital Cook Book stuff I have done over the last month or so. Yes slap me you computer geeks I only do a 1 month back up but in this case I had left it for 2 months. Standing in the shower this morning I feel like Carrie Bradshaw when she lost all her info on her computer and could not get any of it back.

I have rung another town computer service explained the problem and was lectured – you should do a daily back up (I know I know) if you want to keep important files. That won’t help me now will it, that is lessons for later. He wants my laptop, adaptor & back up drive to see if he can recover it. I explain how it went and he tells me I may be lucky, I have no idea and I feel a massive headache coming on. I put off all this work on my taxes as I was too busy, too preoccupied with Keith Hospital and well just plain annoyed with the work I had to do, so put off till tomorrow what I should have done 3 years ago. It’s terrible, now I regret it. I actually may have to start over and will do so by this afternoon as I can not wait to see if it retrieved as I need to close it off on my schedule now.

I have dug my old laptop out so that I can use it, so I sit here in town using the computer and instead of doing all I need to do I am blogging as I wait for the call about my important laptop. I have put all the files from my back up drive here on this computer and can work on ‘stuff’. I have applied for 5 jobs over the last 7 days and 3 have already got back to me that I am not what they are looking for. Sigh!! I need to keep moving.


what one thinks about in the middle of the night…

I am juggling organising 6 events for the Keith Hospital, most are at the final stage and seem to be travelling well. We have themes, we have table-cloth covers, colours to match our hospital colours and then there’s the tickets, they are ready to be purchased and ready to be sent. Now is the panic time, there are tickets to be sold, people to enlist to assist and table placements to be done. How does one do this with no advertising budget? My main goal to get Adelaide & South Australia people to come along and support us, these events are being held in the Adelaide CBD, we (here in Keith) are doing all we can to support the hospital and now need to take it to our city folks. There is only so much fundraising a small town can do and we have done it well, we are well onto our way in fundraising $500,000 dollars, not bad for a population of 1100 odd people.

Is it the over enthusiastic host / hostess who panics till it is the party is over? will anybody come? does anybody want to join the party? I am thinking of ways to garnish support for our Ladies High tea, I had pre bookings of 180 Ladies and now that we are in the throes of getting money in, it comes in slowly. I begin to panic. I am lucky in my life that I have met, worked with and been friends with some really fantastic women, so have a database of email addresses I have sent out. I have even had those that responded by saying no and thanking me, so I know the message is garnishing support. The way I see it is if every one of these friends brings a friend that will be over 300 people. This is the target we are looking for. But there will be many who do not come due to various other commitments and this will be ok too. This is just the April Function we are talking about, I have also committed to a May one as well, which was secured on Friday – so watch out  there will be many more sleepless nights but hopefully I will have solutions. I know I worry too much about these things but I feel so passionate about the Keith Hospital, it really is hard to not be involved, get caught up in the events and drive them to success.

This is just one thing I think about when I wake up in the middle of the night, I sometimes get up and write ideas down, work on the computer or just lie there thinking. It is part of my make-up to help assist and to help. Sometimes I do it badly but most times I can do it well with my family and friends around me.