Tiresome Tuesday …. April 3rd

It doesn’t start well these Tuesdays, I wonder if they will ever get better. Another broken nights sleep with DH tossing and turning I think he needs to do some serious exercise or something else, that tires him enough he sleeps. He tells me he hates reading now as he has had to concede to the age-old complaint of wearing out his eyesight and having to wear glasses to read. This is unfortunate but part of the cycle of life and no excuse for not sleeping, I suspect it is more the pain in his hip from the constant wear and tear of farm life.

The day starts with this sense of exhaustion and you know it is not going to be a quick end to the day and leading up to Easter the roads are getting busier earlier and people appear to be more impatient to get where they want to go. On my way in this morning at 0730am I had to dodge 2 kangaroos, they were happily hopping along the roadside, it was foggy and I slowed so that they didn’t jump in front of the car. I have been stuck between Cowell & Whyalla many years ago 1 week after getting a new car when a roo jumped dead centre in the bonnet, it killed the roo and my car. I had to wait for a kind truckie to pick me up as I had no phone service or uhf radio and it was dark, my lights didn’t work so I had to flag someone down. Accepting a ride from a stranger was more terrifying than hitting the roo but I was driven into Whyalla, dropped at a hotel, the police came to me and then I was able to phone home. I have never seen a big red roo like that in the Upper South East, they are small grey ones but do damage all the same.

Please travel safely this Easter statistically it is one of the worst for crashes and deaths on the roads. It keeps our over worked nurses and Doctors walking more KM’s than they normally would.It makes me appreciate the hard work all shift work, emergency service people, police, ambo’s, ancillary staff that clean & feed people do, to keep those in hospitals and in crisis situations manage and cope better. Do not meet them by accident for you will not remember the great work they do and the efforts they go to to assist you and your families in times of need. It’s Tuesday and another great day to be alive, “don’t be dead for qiuds”.