Things you don’t want to do

How do we get motivated to do the things we don’t want to do? How do we know we don’t even want to do them? I think it all starts from the nurture and nature up bringing we all have. As children we are taught many things, in-fact these teachings are taken into our adulthood and if you are as lucky as I was with the parents you have, these teachings good and bad go with us into our adulthood.

I think there may be one thing that despite nature or nurture no one looks forward to and from brief conversations with others most avoid going to the dentist at the risk of losing teeth. I myself wish I could be anywhere else yesterday as I headed in, but have nursed this pain now since before Christmas.

I have taken pain relief and antibiotics to ease the risk of infection and pain, but it started to get worse so I headed back to the Dr, to get the same antibiotics I had taken 2 weeks before not giving anything another thought. Waiting till after dinner and following the instructions I washed the tablet down with water and didn’t give it another thought. Approx 2 hours after ingestion I found myself having an adverse reaction to the antibiotics that had me having an overnight visit and stay in the Keith Hospital.

I awoke thinking I was being bitten by mosquitos until I realized my eyelids and upper palate were itchy as well as my scalp. Having had this experience before I knew this was a drug adverse reaction. It took less than 2 hours to have the reaction but have it I did. I got out of bed and checked myself in the mirror, I had the lovely red rash all over the body, swollen hands and feet. I gave myself the appropriate medications , woke the farmer, called the hospital and we headed into the hospital.

I spent the rest of the night on the appropriate medication and observation. It’s times like these that I am grateful, I was part of a community that helped to save the Keith Hospital. As for the visit to the dentist yesterday morning, I dread it, I dislike the injection of local anaesthetic, there were 3. I dislike the drilling, the suction and everything to do with the dentist, especially the numb face for hours afterwards.

So we begin the adventure of fixing the tooth, the gap between private cover, fees and beginning a relationship with parting with money and getting to know another new dentist.