Animal Farm


Ole “Mr. Grumpy”

I have to correct myself from yesterday the bull Ole Mr Grumpy is not 2 ton, he in fact weighs about 1 ton. To me when you see him standing up and close wouldn’t matter how much he weighed if you annoy him and he hit you, I think it would be the end of a good day and a visit to the hospital. He is quite a gentle bull and will take to being told to move on, even the cats will move when he walks up to them to sniff them.

Whilst watching TV last night we were surprised to see a bat flying around our lounge room. I know a bat, we suspect it was brought in the night before by one of the ‘shed cats’ and it managed to get away from the cat to take place in the curtains. I jumped up turned the fans off, closed our bedroom door, bathroom door, turned the lights off and opened the double sliding doors hoping it would fly out.

We think it did as I have searched in dark places, our drapes and shelves and I can’t seem to find it, this morning. I hope it either flew out via the open doors or the propped open ‘new cat flap’. I say new cat flap as the farmer decided to put a new one in the wall and move the old one to the other side of the house.

The cats are none too happy with this change, they will sit outside the cat flap and look at it. As soon as it’s propped open with a plank of wood they will jump through it and if it is closed and we catch a cat we push them out through the flap so they can get use to it and start using it.

The shed cats are clever they have managed to track down their old flap and enter and leave via this. I think the farmer finds this annoying as he was so happy when he found the correct flap on boxing day that when we got home he commenced the insertion of the wall flap.

Life is not dull on the farm and whether it be day or night we have lots of movements of animals. As for ‘Ole Mr. Grumpy he’s going back to a mob of ladies soon to start this years work.





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