Losing a Favourite thing

Day 3 and we start in the kitchen, I am getting (mildly) teased by the farmer about my resolutions that I made and haven’t told anyone about. He has asked if one of them is speaking to him with blatant honesty, I did laugh as I told him I’ve always been like this with the exception of a couple of times last year when I bit my tongue. He seemed surprised by this, but haven’t we all opted to bite the lip than to cause or to continue an argument?

Yesterday in my kitchen we had a tragedy, I know one of the first world problem kind. It only rates when it happens to you but when it happens it’s never good. There I was happily unloading and reloading it when the husband says “why is there water in the bottom of the dishwasher?”

Like Carrie out of the Omen, my head spun from the dirty coffee cup to the bottom of the dishwasher and there I saw it. The pool of dirty water that had not drained from it’s cycle from the night before. I look to the cup and to the water and know I have to take action, farmers are good at fixing things so the job now relies on him.

With the precision of a surgeon, he requests a manual whilst I am up looking for it in the filing cabinet he calls to download it. A search engine is engaged and a request for a Youtube to show how to unblock it. The farmer sets about outside to look into the trap and the pipes. I am hopeful it’s a pipe issue so I go about emptying the dishwaser trap and cleaning this out.

He cleans the pipes and outside trap and tells me there is nothing wrong or blocking it except for ALL of the fat I apparently empty into the sink which has set and caused it to block up. I put the dishwasher back on to see / hear it cycle. The water comes in but again there is a lot of beeping and no water goes out. It is determined outside influences are not in play in the breaking of my handy helper.

We do this at least 5 to 6 times each time cleaning out the muck that is in the bottom, I remove 2 cherry pips, a piece of plastic wrap and numerous pieces of sludge, I pour water into it and let it drain out through the hose onto the floor. I can clean that up later, all I want is for the dishwasher to work for me, it doesn’t

He moves to pulling it out of it’s home, turns off the electricity, undoes hoses and moves it to the centre of the kitchen. It sits there, white, stark and not working, it is upended as the farmer removes the bottom and the motor to discover a piece of oyster shell appears to have worked it’s way to stopping it from working, or so we think.

It is a sad day for me, the appliance that I fill up daily and empty daily, the one which I flick 2 buttons on to save me time and effort doesn’t work. It sits upside down in my kitchen mocking me, for above it on the bench sat all the dishes from the night before and yesterday waiting for them to be cleaned. My reliable dishwasher is no longer reliable and now I’ll have to wash the dishes. It’s traumatic really, dirty dishes that I can now no longer pour ALL that fat from will have to go into the sink instead of the basket ready to be washed, rinsed, warmed and dried.

Being in the country and a Saturday – no chance of doing anything, the part he removed sits on the table reminding me to make sure I follow up, my dishwasher is still inverted but slid back into it’s place where it will stand on it’s head until such time as it’s going again or is replaced.

Dirty Dishes sitting there waiting, it reminds me of when I was a little girl growing up in a large family (there was 8 of us) and we were all expected to wipe dishes, doing them for Mum was ok but Dad he used to have this trick of pouring a cup of water over them just as they appeared to be dry. He would tell us it was to rinse them, why you would want to rinse the back of plates was beyond me, we ALL knew it was to keep us there longer.

I waited so long to get the kitchen here at the farm it’s a cruel twist of fate that I now have one albeit upside down that I can look at but not use. I will have to plan meals with less washable items, though this mornings brunch was a clear indication I didn’t do that, 2 saucepans, 5 spoons, knives, forks, plates, and cups all used once with little care to how much and who was going to wash up but breakfast was nice and yes I have washed the dishes. Oh dish pan hands “you know your soaking in it.”




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