Drought, Fire ready, Cricket

And so begins the idea and the concept of talking about lives and our paddocks, the good, the bad and the in between. The offers of sponsorship, goodies for gift baskets, clothing, guest speakers, an official photographer and workshops have been flooding in for the ladies weekend, so it’s begining to take shape.

Whilst I am writing this I have a clear view of our back yard where I can look out and I see the farmer pulling up and starts filling the fire fighter, it makes my heart leap frog into my mouth. It brings the heat and the season into reality.

It got to 40 degrees celsius here yesterday and a hot wind blew, you know the uncomfortable weather needs a cool change kind. It has got to 40 again now and windy all the same, we are also on lookout to get dry thunderstorms, which bring lightning that hits trees and grasses and starts fires, we’ve seen it happen previously, it’s real.

On the radios there have been repeated calls to be bush fire ready, are you ready? I am,  after having 2 fires in 2 years, both where we lost fencing and crops, it’s something I am conscious of.  So when he pulls up in the Ute and starts filling the water tank I then begin to think about what it is I need to do.

I walk out side and ask if every things all right – yep it is but he needs to check the unit and use it for something else. This makes me feel easier and as I have to drive into our local town I wonder how many other farmers & farmers wives are doing the same today? Checking their equipment and making sure on a day like today with horrible conditions everything is ready to go.

As it is so hot – women have to have partners and or farmers inside and this during drought can also cause tension and conflict. One of my ladies tells me she is sick of him already, not only does she have to have fire season early and be ready with 3 kids, 5 dogs, 3 horses and numerous sheep she has to find work for him indoors when the cricket is not on. See there is a reason for cricket.

He will start jobs, finish them but leave the mess in his wake, she tells me sometimes it would be easier to sweep everything up after him and bin it but she knows he’ll go looking for screwdrivers, shifters, hammers, stanley knives, tape measures, cordless drills, tech screw adaptors and anything else he has brought in to fix a dripping tap, leaking toilet, change a light bulb. She knows the minute she picks it all up and dumps it in the back of the Ute this will cause nothing but arguments. On a couple of occasions she has had to remove ladders from the house and take it 200 mtrs to the shed. He will leave, grease on everything, water on tiled floors, get the good sheridan towels from the cupboard to wipe glue, grease and then drop it on the floor. No matter how many times she has shown him the rag cupboard.

Some days she says she will sit in the toilet and read a book for an hour just to get away from him. He doesn’t dare ask what she was doing in there but on one occasion she has nodded off and came out smiling and acting as if she had only spent 3 minutes in there. He asked her what she was doing that day and she turned, raised one eyebrow at him and never answered, he never asked again and when she went into the kitchen to find she had infact been in the toilet for an hour & a half. She writes  “it was pure bliss, silent and peaceful, to not have to think for a grown adult never alone the 3 year old who also happened to be bothering her as well. The only problem was when she came out into the land of the living, he the farmer had decided to put the washing on and to this day she has no white clothes they are all grey. She is waiting for a break to replace white t-shirts, socks and underware.”

If you think you can help me with my South East Drought Day, by way of raffle prizes, sponsorship, workshops let me know I want this to be free of cost for the ladies and everyone to have a great time.