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I’ve started the day ranting, after my big day driving for over 3 hours and bending doing Laser Hair Removal (my business) most of the day (a blog for tomorrow) I have woken with a really sore back to match my #still sore leg.

I am the generation that embraces social media, I have 2 face book accounts, established 1 for my High School reunion for all of my year graduates and we have had a great time connecting and a twitter account. Most mornings I get up and check face book before I start my days work. I also have 4 pages of logins so if something should happen to me a loved family member can close all these accounts instantly.

One thing I have started to unlike and not follow are the #Buy #Sell #swap pages since they became about puppy farms and cat farms (in my opinion). A constant almost daily stream of puppies & kittens to sell, with most stating pedigree parents, or parents on show. All this demonstrates to me is that they have adult dogs who may or may not be pedigree they have mated to make money. Most state vet checked, wormed and or micro-chipped, to me I think this is the least one can do with a litter of live product.

The prices are those of a pedigree but you get no papers, so I don’t know why any one would pay for a puppy that is just a puppy, if they are asking for over $300 then I would insist when they had the dog vet checked that they get them certified as pedigree – it’s is a $200 blood test but if I’m going to pay $300 or more than I would know I’ve helped the breeder pay to have the animal properly checked. The sale price will then include vet visits during pregnancy, I often wonder how many do this (have the bitch checked during pregnancy ) otherwise one gets the feeling they breed the animals factory style for the money. With over 10,000 animals surrendered to the RSPCA in South Australia last year – how many of these animals were bought from face book pages? Most of those were euthanized and face book sales seem to be increasing.

There has been a case on face book where someone even downloaded pictures of another person’s dogs who went to the effort of making them look inviting and cute and placed these pictures on his advertisement to sell his puppies. Good that someone who knew the other seller notified her and she asked him to take them down, informed potential buyers the dogs were even a different colour to the puppies in the pictures and asked admin to delete the false misleading post. It worked, but I wonder how many people have fallen to this false advertising but also the over whelming visual pull at the cuteness of the pictures and raced off to buy them not understanding the needs of the breed, the growth, the expense and the time-consuming event it is to raise a puppy to a dog, much like having a child the reality can be far from the fantasy. I see he still has the dogs for sale over 10 of them from ‘pedigree’ parents.

As fast as these sales are advertised so is the rescue sites for dogs, asking people to foster a dog till it finds a forever home’ some of these dogs are so traumatized it can take 6 to 12 months to socialize it. Some need to be put down and others remain with the foster parent as these people identify that the dog could not cope be re housed again. I wonder if the people selling animals even give second thought to the puppies & kittens? go and check out the circumstances and environment they are selling the animal into.

I also wonder if after the litter they do the bitch a favour and have her de-sexed or is it too tempting to rebreed her as the money they get is so much? most sales would be  undeclared as income as they would be cash only sales. I know of professional breeders who only allow the bitch one litter bi-annually and only 3 before they retire them or if they get in distress in pregnancy they have it de-sexed immediately after weaning.

If you are looking to purchase a puppy, check the RSPCA website (listed here for SA) for pictures of what is available, or check out the rescue dogs sites this way it would assist these organisations to get ready for the next incoming lot and decrease the commodity and impulse purchases from face book.  I hope the citizen’s jury on cat and dog management in South Australia take this into account and legislate against being able to use these sites for this reason, it is costing the tax-payers large amount of money to pay for other people’s stupidity.

#rant over


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  1. Hear Hear! I’ve always taken cats from rescue homes & found there to be many pedigree animals need a home too. There is no excuse to encourage pet farming 😡

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