Is El Ninio the end for regional areas

It’s been one of those never-ending weeks, everything comes around and goes around yet the situation is remaining in perpetual reverse, well it feels like that being on the farm. This week we have had our internet services reduced to the same speed as Indonesia and India according to one of my twitter friends. This seems to have been done under the NBN Co and speed is not what I would call it, they are calling it the Fair Usage Policy, which is interesting as the CEO of Activ8me admitted on radio “it was only the regional areas” attached to satellite internet because the ISP were allowed to oversubscribed it and most of their clients have no other way of getting internet services.

To rub salt into the wounds – it occurs in peak times,  between 8am to Midnight so to those us that use / require internet to run businesses or submit BAS, study, Skype (which I have not been able to do since moving to the country) or want to look up websites and purchase product on-line, get on it AFTER those times. How utterly ridiculous and discriminatory!

I have been on radio about it this week, I have written to all politicians, (both sides) State and Federally to receive only one response from my local state member (cheers Mitch) where his staff were referring to the federal Minister, this way I know at least one of them has read it! But we vote these people in, whether they are in power or shadow ministers and they can treat us with such disrespect our letters, opportunities and businesses can be ignored.

I was told by the helpful customer service girl at the NBN Co, “can’t you drive somewhere else to submit your BAS? yes I can but its over 100km trip I said and I then asked her :why should I have to? would you do it and who will cover the costs of my travel.” Her very helpful response was well I have explained the policy to you so goodbye. Fabbo, thanks Sandy I guessed by you hanging up I know what you would do: none of the above… that’s right you live and work in the city so it doesn’t affect you only the regional communities.

Agriculture the growth industry of the next decade – well that’s crap isn’t it? No support from politicians, no one fighting the cause. Perhaps we can wait for the 2 satellites to be launched (some time later this year) then once switched on we may get the opportunity to be ‘switched over’ but we won’t know till the end of next year – thanks NBN Co. Hey Malcolm Turnbull Minister for Communications, Jason Clare MP Shadow Minister of Communications, Hon Geoff Brock SA Regional Development Minister, been waiting for your responses I suspect that you will ignore me as you would ALL have to admit though you love your internet, salary, super plan and positions of power nothing you can do and to admit there is nothing you can do admits regional communities (those that voted most of you in) can suck it up and put up with it.

Cheers for that – here is my link to the radio story this week, if I do get a response I’ll post it for you all.