The things left for others to do or follow up

Living in the country one keeps a lot of things especially long life food stuffs, freezer foods which include but not limited to vegetables, oven fries, cream, yoghurt, buttermilk and finger foods such as springs rolls, etc. It is so much easier than trying to get to the shops in a hurry. I am deft at defrosting cream etc without making it a running yellow stream of yuck.

If I run out of things it’s a 100km + round trip to get to the shops – that is of course if they happen to be open when you run out. There is no such thing as afternoon shopping in the country on a weekend nor late night (they close at 7pm). As these businesses are family owned and run and rely on local people to work in them. Most shop owners need a break from long working hours and also paying staff to stand in an empty shop does not make financial sense, but if the owner does it then they miss out on family time.

I put it out there on face book the other day – how I was looking forward to having a pie (after speaking to my sister who lives in Melbourne) it was a cold day and yes a warm pie comfort food for lunch and as the farmer had been out feeding cattle I thought he would like to come into the smell of warm food cooking. I keep things like this in the freezer for such an occasion.

I go to the kitchen put the oven on, go to the freezer pull out the packet and find it empty of pies. There was nothing in it threw the package in the bin and commented on face book how annoying that is and how I didn’t want to do the drive to purchase more, I would spend more on fuel getting there and getting back than I would to buy the bloody things, so spring rolls it was. I did mention in the post that I didn’t live with teenagers so there was no one to blame but the farmer.

But the comments from this on my face book page have been hilarious. What gets you about living with others? It’s that one thoughtless thing isn’t it that gets you going, much like going into a public toilet and finding no toilet paper in the holder AFTER you have been  (Always keep tissues in your bag or pocket). I have seen people stealing the toilet paper and I have called them out on it so they put it back.

I have had girlfriends comment on leaving the empty plate in the fridge – as if you wouldn’t notice there was nothing on it or perhaps waiting for it to be filled again? How about the stripped carcase of the cooked chicken I responded with? As if it is going to regrow somehow or even better use the bones of the wings left on the plate to fly itself to the dishwasher. We even had Tim weigh in (old friend from school only male to comment) the drink container with the last mouthful left in it. Yep like you wouldn’t notice it was left and you would get it out and pour the remnants into your cup not suspecting it is probably mixed with human saliva from when they took a mouthful out of the container. Lets face it if they leave a mouthful they never poured it into a cup to put some back.

There were comments on empty toilet rolls or that last sheet left so that you have to change it before, during or after you use it. How about the empty ice tray when you go to put ice in your drink and there is nothing there? Even my aunty has commented on a couple of sheets of paper left sitting onto of the roll. What is that ? All these things happen in the fridge, in front of people, friends and family. Are the guilty party so busy that they don’t see that others are watching? or that the smallest of effort to throw things out, think about the next person means so much more that thinking how clever you are to have left the plate empty in the fridge. One does not expect it to be washed, dried and put back into the cupboard but out of the fridge into the sink is like a miracle.

What is it in your house? it has been funny, not funny reading the answers and for those that wish to know. I have thrown out the empty packet, changed the toilet roll when I cleaned the bathroom this morning, put the empty plate in the dishwasher and turned it on, put the chicken carcase into the chook bin and have filled the ice trays for the gin I’m having this afternoon as I clean out the bookshelf and side board to rid the house of more unwanted stuff.

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  1. All of the above – especially when you work in an office! Toilet paper is the most annoying followed by food left in the fridge to rot, stationery not reported so when you go to get a pen the empty box is sitting there!

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