How do Country Towns Survive?

I was driving into the local town this morning and heard a fantastic story on our local am abc south-east SA radio station this morning and immediately thought how proud I was to be in this community. It is of course the Lucindale field days, for those that haven’t ventured to a field day you have missed out and should look to taking yourself and family to one in your life.

They showcase everything, they pull people off tractors, from feeding hay, from crutching sheep to join together at one big attraction. They cater for the big farm machinery, what little (or big) boy for that matter doesn’t want to see and sit in big machinery, they showcase new cars, local producers, wine tastings, show rides, ladies clothing, kids clothing, sheep dog displays, bankers, schools get to advertise their boarding facilities and there is the food stalls and drinking areas to go to, plus much more.

It can be an awfully long day if it’s hot and one year when I was unceremoniously left at the gate because the map and plan was not packed into his backpack I spent my time wishing there was a bus I could get on and get home, it is about a 2 1/2 hour trip from the farm. The car keys were in his backpack, if I’d have had them on me I would have left then and there no problem. But found the local produce tents which had food tastings and wine tastings a nice place to sit and avoid most people (meaning him). We did meet up later in the afternoon, not because I was looking for him but we managed to cross paths, plus I had to get home somehow.

Anyhow, the Naracoorte community, where I use to go to TAFE have raised over $800,000 for their own CT Scanner, not a cent from the Government State or Federal. This has been done within 3 years, they will have change left over to start the replacement fund (which will need to be done in 10 years). Aren’t country communities resilient? isn’t this an amazing figure? To keep their town viable and relevant they can offer up to date diagnostic equipment now to all people in the South East they are putting in 21st Century Medical  equipment which will save the Government thousands and save many lives. This will mean people won’t have to be flown to Adelaide, won’t have to be driven over 300kms for a CT, diagnosis can be done within a reasonable radius from their homes. People living in cities don’t understand the expense of travel, accommodation and inconvenience of having to take 1 to 2 days out of your life for a medical examination.

They do understand waiting times, but rarely do they need to allocate 2 days for these sometimes 15 minutes scans. We shall now have it here to our liking. I wonder despite no offering of any financial assistance but offered a space at the local public hospital who will come down and open it up? Minister jack Snelling or will it be Premier Wetherill? They surely will not miss this opportunity for a photo-op, nor they should as they need to congratulate the committees, the fund-raisers the clubs and the community for doing this and saving them thousands.