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We all do it don’t we, we receive emails and we get distracted and think we’ll get back to answering that email, and we don’t through many different reasons, especially if we

a) don’t have an immediate answer at hand

b) don’t want to give a hurried answer and give ourselves away as we are sitting in our desks

c) don’t like to read what was written as we are responding emotionally

or d) we are not the correct person at the time to make a decision.

But not to respond altogether is rude isn’t it. I am amazed at how many companies don’t respond or reply when you contact them. There use to be courses on telephone etiquette wasn’t there? Surely all companies have a #101 on answering emails no matter what the response is going to be. But apparently things can sit (like the old inbox) in the inbox and not be answered. It’s like when you apply for a job you wait, surely as CV’s are opened even if sent by email there is a record it was received and then it is someone’s job to say – thanks but no thanks. Apparently it is accepted if you don’t hear back from them within a month – you haven’t been considered.

I  have sent dozens of emails over the last couple of weeks and no one has responded, I have even called the people and companies I have written to, as I believe having a voice to a name is better, even then this has not got a response back. For those of you sitting on peoples emails, sometime when you get around to respond it does surprise people you may not be available to assist or have gotten someone else to answer the question.

To those with my email in your inbox, please read, consider it and flick me a reply (today if possible)

2 thoughts on “responding to emails

  1. Love your work! Yes, I’m guilty of not answering all emails when we receive over 75 applications for one position! Will try to do better.

    Jocelyn Stafford Medical + Optical Toll Free 1800 225 065

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