I’m waiting for your response yet…

For those who have websites will know what this means, It means someone – mostly from India has sent you an email asking if you would like them to do a web design and investigate your web site and give you a 20 page report on it. I get approx. 2 of these daily and send them to delete box. Then the follow-up email will come as titled above.

I have occasionally and sometimes not very nicely asked them to send me a ‘faux document on someone else website to show me what this means. Really I have nothing to post here as they have never responded even if I have asked nicely. Imagine (shock / horror) this could be another scam, much like the phone calls “you have a serious problem with your computer” One day I said really can you help me? of course and they wanted to confirm my details and I said yes go ahead… there was a long pause on the phone and the caller said “I want to confirm your details” and I said yes please go ahead, you have told me you have them so once you tell me who I am, where I live and my date of birth I shall confirm you are not a scammer and a bullshit artist”. They hung up in my ear – imagine my surprise that there was nothing wrong with my computer and this was only a scam…..

As for waiting for my response do people really fall for this and to all of those web designers out there and SEO experts, can anyone really do a 20 page report on your website without having your logins? Sorry I also forgot I have mine parked at the moment as I need them to look and be more professional then they currently are. The only ones that come up are my word press websites, nothing more and really I don’t need any more criticisms or should I say critical analysis of my writing style (if I have one)

Even face book told me today I was also very outspoken and upbeat, I must apologise I resemble that. It also told me today to “expect the best, be prepared for the worst”. really. I expect (actually would like) rain, a lotto win, a holiday, more feed in the paddocks than we have, a happy husband, more time with my daughter, did I say holiday and rain yet?