Top Gear or Top Punch ?

I myself don’t watch the show, it is about cars and frankly I only own one, have no interest in racing one, or collecting them. Mind you the Farmer does have a 1978 CL Valiant with red bucket seats in it here for sale if anyone is interested (yes it does go). But other than that not a show I watch and today we read about the host of the show having an alleged punch up with a producer and people asking that he be reinstated. what is that?

In a world where women are dying weekly at the hands of a known partner or person, we have a TV star (loosely said) punching a producer, whether it be male or female it doesn’t matter. This takes work place bullying to the extreme don’t you think? and all over not having dinner ready for the man after filming. Sadly he must think he is that important and protected (which according to those begging for him to come back) he is.

Where are those cries looking out for the producer, who is protecting him? Are the BBC 2 really going to allow this violent bully to come back into the same environment, into the producers space and let him dictate over again his demands and use violent actions if things don’t go his way? I have not read of any apology from Clarkson over the incident so does this imply he believes he was right in taking this action? as most bullies and those that strive to dominate and humiliate people do?

We all know of someone who has had workplace bullying and most of the time it is put down to “personality clashes” I believe there is no such thing. It comes from a place of jealously, a place of superiority and dominance and should have no place where you work. To be yelled at, given unrealistic time lines, projects, have your desk moved without permission, others take credit for your hard work, to have someone watch the clock and report comings and goings is all a part of workplace bullying and most of us can say we have been subjected to this. In this day and age, emails are monitored and mobile phone locations are read so that those that wish to penalize you and demean you can get access to these and fire you, make you redundant or simply make your work place an awful place to be until you leave. None of these are acceptable, so punching someone should be an automatic criminal offense, the boss should have called the police in protect the victim and have the perpetrator charged and dismissed, no matter how popular/ attractive / high on the management chain they are.

Would all of those be crying for Clarkson to come back if he punched a woman? I also suspect if Mr. Clarkson was the person punched, we would see a photograph of the perpetrator all over the internet wouldn’t we (a police mug shot)? It also doesn’t matter why he was that quick to go from anger to violence, there is no excuse. I don’t think in his world of self-importance he would tolerate this for a minute. Do people really think is it ok for him to have punched a man who was only doing his job? I find this astounding and I use the word punch here so no one can mistake it for a ‘push’ a ‘shove’ a slight ‘slap” as those words seem to add a gentle twist to violent crimes don’t they? As for the show “Top Gear” wasn’t on my list of ‘must watch” ever and still won’t be, I won’t condone violence and an organization who believes it’s ok.




One thought on “Top Gear or Top Punch ?

  1. Hear hear!

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