The Ripple Effect

Thank you all for the lovely words following Pete’s passing, it has been an emotional time for many from what I’m being told. He like many family pets are that FAMILY pets.  They come into our lives and we don’t think of life without them till they go, much like people really. I have slept through 2 nights now for the first time in nearly 3 years, as much as I loved him it was difficult cleaning up poop, lifting him off floors (as he found his arthritis difficult to get up) racing home to get him out of the heat, the cold, the wind, the rain. monitor his foods he ate twice a day due to his thyroxine medication. But I still look to the door in the kitchen and expect to see him lying there, I suppose that will take a while to go.

I have had lovely friends and family tell me they shed some tears, when you have things and people you love in your life it is real grief when they go. Don’t feel sad for me celebrate the fact he had a fantastic life, he travelled, he had sleep overs, he slept alone, inside, outside and anywhere he liked. He ran, swam and walked, he had companions in cats and other dogs, he knew the ocean, he loved the beach and he knew the country and he loved the dam and riding on the back of a Ute.

The ripple effect of having such an animal is the friends and family that took ownership of him and cared for him when I travelled and made him part of their lives. It is like the pebble or drop in the water, it seems like a drop but the ripples grow bigger and encompass many. Pete did that, talking about Pete did that his life did that. Now without him physically here my life can grow again, I can look forward to spending more than 1 night away from the farm without worry or the both of us racing back to ensure he is ok. I can now take up walking outside again, I stopped as he would follow and with his age his hips either collapsed or he lost me. There are many things I can do but the biggest he taught me was that I can love and though there is no rushing out getting another 16 year commitment, I have time for the 3 dogs & 4 cats we have here.