The things left for others to do or follow up

Living in the country one keeps a lot of things especially long life food stuffs, freezer foods which include but not limited to vegetables, oven fries, cream, yoghurt, buttermilk and finger foods such as springs rolls, etc. It is so much easier than trying to get to the shops in a hurry. I am deft at defrosting cream etc without making it a running yellow stream of yuck.

If I run out of things it’s a 100km + round trip to get to the shops – that is of course if they happen to be open when you run out. There is no such thing as afternoon shopping in the country on a weekend nor late night (they close at 7pm). As these businesses are family owned and run and rely on local people to work in them. Most shop owners need a break from long working hours and also paying staff to stand in an empty shop does not make financial sense, but if the owner does it then they miss out on family time.

I put it out there on face book the other day – how I was looking forward to having a pie (after speaking to my sister who lives in Melbourne) it was a cold day and yes a warm pie comfort food for lunch and as the farmer had been out feeding cattle I thought he would like to come into the smell of warm food cooking. I keep things like this in the freezer for such an occasion.

I go to the kitchen put the oven on, go to the freezer pull out the packet and find it empty of pies. There was nothing in it threw the package in the bin and commented on face book how annoying that is and how I didn’t want to do the drive to purchase more, I would spend more on fuel getting there and getting back than I would to buy the bloody things, so spring rolls it was. I did mention in the post that I didn’t live with teenagers so there was no one to blame but the farmer.

But the comments from this on my face book page have been hilarious. What gets you about living with others? It’s that one thoughtless thing isn’t it that gets you going, much like going into a public toilet and finding no toilet paper in the holder AFTER you have been  (Always keep tissues in your bag or pocket). I have seen people stealing the toilet paper and I have called them out on it so they put it back.

I have had girlfriends comment on leaving the empty plate in the fridge – as if you wouldn’t notice there was nothing on it or perhaps waiting for it to be filled again? How about the stripped carcase of the cooked chicken I responded with? As if it is going to regrow somehow or even better use the bones of the wings left on the plate to fly itself to the dishwasher. We even had Tim weigh in (old friend from school only male to comment) the drink container with the last mouthful left in it. Yep like you wouldn’t notice it was left and you would get it out and pour the remnants into your cup not suspecting it is probably mixed with human saliva from when they took a mouthful out of the container. Lets face it if they leave a mouthful they never poured it into a cup to put some back.

There were comments on empty toilet rolls or that last sheet left so that you have to change it before, during or after you use it. How about the empty ice tray when you go to put ice in your drink and there is nothing there? Even my aunty has commented on a couple of sheets of paper left sitting onto of the roll. What is that ? All these things happen in the fridge, in front of people, friends and family. Are the guilty party so busy that they don’t see that others are watching? or that the smallest of effort to throw things out, think about the next person means so much more that thinking how clever you are to have left the plate empty in the fridge. One does not expect it to be washed, dried and put back into the cupboard but out of the fridge into the sink is like a miracle.

What is it in your house? it has been funny, not funny reading the answers and for those that wish to know. I have thrown out the empty packet, changed the toilet roll when I cleaned the bathroom this morning, put the empty plate in the dishwasher and turned it on, put the chicken carcase into the chook bin and have filled the ice trays for the gin I’m having this afternoon as I clean out the bookshelf and side board to rid the house of more unwanted stuff.

Excuses one gives

I have an office that over looks the rear part of our house block, I could call it a back yard but I am aware it is bigger than my house block in the city. Our house is located on 20 acres but I couldn’t tell you exactly how much is back side or front. I wasn’t here when the farmer bought the house, moved it from the purchase location and built his home here, I came later.

All I know when I look out my lovely big office window is green grass, bush, dog compounds, grape vines and cattle of late. We have let a mob into the house yards as they are good a chewing down over growth, it’s good roughage and helps keep the bush from over growing and creating fire risks.

The cattle are quiet and they roam together eating, it sets the working dogs off, they love to ’round them up’ that is what they are taught to do, so on days like this when the farmer has had to go to town and get some things fixed, I leave them in their compounds. Don’t worry the compounds are approx. 4 metres by 4 metres, they have shelter and baths and they can watch things come and go. But they bark and with the cattle in the yard they bark day and night.

I sit doing book work, at the moment it’s BAS work and taxes time – yes I have to admit I ma late submitting this year. But I promise (my accountant) I’ll have this to you before the due date. I was chatting to a girlfriend on the phone when I could see a sprout of water being spewed into the air, surrounded by cattle happily munching and drinking it. They love fresh water, in-fact cattle drink 1 gallon or 3.7 litres to every 100 lbs or 45 kilos and as we have them ranging from 200 kilos or 440.9 lbs to over 600 kilos or  1322 lbs they drink a lot.

I raced to the back door, saying “gotta go cattle have turned the water on, last thing we need is the rain water tank drained, we have already pumped up from our emergency tanks”. I threw the phone on the couch and then pulled my boots on which I leave a pair by both doors and raced outside towards the spurting hose. I talk to the cattle as I go as they need to move on rather than run at me in fear. I managed to get the tap switched off, some of the cattle stood looking and they younger ones walked quickly in fear.

I figured that was the best excuse ever to get off the phone. Have a good hump day everyone.

yard bull

yard bull

How do Country Towns Survive?

I was driving into the local town this morning and heard a fantastic story on our local am abc south-east SA radio station this morning and immediately thought how proud I was to be in this community. It is of course the Lucindale field days, for those that haven’t ventured to a field day you have missed out and should look to taking yourself and family to one in your life.

They showcase everything, they pull people off tractors, from feeding hay, from crutching sheep to join together at one big attraction. They cater for the big farm machinery, what little (or big) boy for that matter doesn’t want to see and sit in big machinery, they showcase new cars, local producers, wine tastings, show rides, ladies clothing, kids clothing, sheep dog displays, bankers, schools get to advertise their boarding facilities and there is the food stalls and drinking areas to go to, plus much more.

It can be an awfully long day if it’s hot and one year when I was unceremoniously left at the gate because the map and plan was not packed into his backpack I spent my time wishing there was a bus I could get on and get home, it is about a 2 1/2 hour trip from the farm. The car keys were in his backpack, if I’d have had them on me I would have left then and there no problem. But found the local produce tents which had food tastings and wine tastings a nice place to sit and avoid most people (meaning him). We did meet up later in the afternoon, not because I was looking for him but we managed to cross paths, plus I had to get home somehow.

Anyhow, the Naracoorte community, where I use to go to TAFE have raised over $800,000 for their own CT Scanner, not a cent from the Government State or Federal. This has been done within 3 years, they will have change left over to start the replacement fund (which will need to be done in 10 years). Aren’t country communities resilient? isn’t this an amazing figure? To keep their town viable and relevant they can offer up to date diagnostic equipment now to all people in the South East they are putting in 21st Century Medical  equipment which will save the Government thousands and save many lives. This will mean people won’t have to be flown to Adelaide, won’t have to be driven over 300kms for a CT, diagnosis can be done within a reasonable radius from their homes. People living in cities don’t understand the expense of travel, accommodation and inconvenience of having to take 1 to 2 days out of your life for a medical examination.

They do understand waiting times, but rarely do they need to allocate 2 days for these sometimes 15 minutes scans. We shall now have it here to our liking. I wonder despite no offering of any financial assistance but offered a space at the local public hospital who will come down and open it up? Minister jack Snelling or will it be Premier Wetherill? They surely will not miss this opportunity for a photo-op, nor they should as they need to congratulate the committees, the fund-raisers the clubs and the community for doing this and saving them thousands.

responding to emails

We all do it don’t we, we receive emails and we get distracted and think we’ll get back to answering that email, and we don’t through many different reasons, especially if we

a) don’t have an immediate answer at hand

b) don’t want to give a hurried answer and give ourselves away as we are sitting in our desks

c) don’t like to read what was written as we are responding emotionally

or d) we are not the correct person at the time to make a decision.

But not to respond altogether is rude isn’t it. I am amazed at how many companies don’t respond or reply when you contact them. There use to be courses on telephone etiquette wasn’t there? Surely all companies have a #101 on answering emails no matter what the response is going to be. But apparently things can sit (like the old inbox) in the inbox and not be answered. It’s like when you apply for a job you wait, surely as CV’s are opened even if sent by email there is a record it was received and then it is someone’s job to say – thanks but no thanks. Apparently it is accepted if you don’t hear back from them within a month – you haven’t been considered.

I  have sent dozens of emails over the last couple of weeks and no one has responded, I have even called the people and companies I have written to, as I believe having a voice to a name is better, even then this has not got a response back. For those of you sitting on peoples emails, sometime when you get around to respond it does surprise people you may not be available to assist or have gotten someone else to answer the question.

To those with my email in your inbox, please read, consider it and flick me a reply (today if possible)

I’m waiting for your response yet…

For those who have websites will know what this means, It means someone – mostly from India has sent you an email asking if you would like them to do a web design and investigate your web site and give you a 20 page report on it. I get approx. 2 of these daily and send them to delete box. Then the follow-up email will come as titled above.

I have occasionally and sometimes not very nicely asked them to send me a ‘faux document on someone else website to show me what this means. Really I have nothing to post here as they have never responded even if I have asked nicely. Imagine (shock / horror) this could be another scam, much like the phone calls “you have a serious problem with your computer” One day I said really can you help me? of course and they wanted to confirm my details and I said yes go ahead… there was a long pause on the phone and the caller said “I want to confirm your details” and I said yes please go ahead, you have told me you have them so once you tell me who I am, where I live and my date of birth I shall confirm you are not a scammer and a bullshit artist”. They hung up in my ear – imagine my surprise that there was nothing wrong with my computer and this was only a scam…..

As for waiting for my response do people really fall for this and to all of those web designers out there and SEO experts, can anyone really do a 20 page report on your website without having your logins? Sorry I also forgot I have mine parked at the moment as I need them to look and be more professional then they currently are. The only ones that come up are my word press websites, nothing more and really I don’t need any more criticisms or should I say critical analysis of my writing style (if I have one)

Even face book told me today I was also very outspoken and upbeat, I must apologise I resemble that. It also told me today to “expect the best, be prepared for the worst”. really. I expect (actually would like) rain, a lotto win, a holiday, more feed in the paddocks than we have, a happy husband, more time with my daughter, did I say holiday and rain yet?


Top Gear or Top Punch ?

I myself don’t watch the show, it is about cars and frankly I only own one, have no interest in racing one, or collecting them. Mind you the Farmer does have a 1978 CL Valiant with red bucket seats in it here for sale if anyone is interested (yes it does go). But other than that not a show I watch and today we read about the host of the show having an alleged punch up with a producer and people asking that he be reinstated. what is that?

In a world where women are dying weekly at the hands of a known partner or person, we have a TV star (loosely said) punching a producer, whether it be male or female it doesn’t matter. This takes work place bullying to the extreme don’t you think? and all over not having dinner ready for the man after filming. Sadly he must think he is that important and protected (which according to those begging for him to come back) he is.

Where are those cries looking out for the producer, who is protecting him? Are the BBC 2 really going to allow this violent bully to come back into the same environment, into the producers space and let him dictate over again his demands and use violent actions if things don’t go his way? I have not read of any apology from Clarkson over the incident so does this imply he believes he was right in taking this action? as most bullies and those that strive to dominate and humiliate people do?

We all know of someone who has had workplace bullying and most of the time it is put down to “personality clashes” I believe there is no such thing. It comes from a place of jealously, a place of superiority and dominance and should have no place where you work. To be yelled at, given unrealistic time lines, projects, have your desk moved without permission, others take credit for your hard work, to have someone watch the clock and report comings and goings is all a part of workplace bullying and most of us can say we have been subjected to this. In this day and age, emails are monitored and mobile phone locations are read so that those that wish to penalize you and demean you can get access to these and fire you, make you redundant or simply make your work place an awful place to be until you leave. None of these are acceptable, so punching someone should be an automatic criminal offense, the boss should have called the police in protect the victim and have the perpetrator charged and dismissed, no matter how popular/ attractive / high on the management chain they are.

Would all of those be crying for Clarkson to come back if he punched a woman? I also suspect if Mr. Clarkson was the person punched, we would see a photograph of the perpetrator all over the internet wouldn’t we (a police mug shot)? It also doesn’t matter why he was that quick to go from anger to violence, there is no excuse. I don’t think in his world of self-importance he would tolerate this for a minute. Do people really think is it ok for him to have punched a man who was only doing his job? I find this astounding and I use the word punch here so no one can mistake it for a ‘push’ a ‘shove’ a slight ‘slap” as those words seem to add a gentle twist to violent crimes don’t they? As for the show “Top Gear” wasn’t on my list of ‘must watch” ever and still won’t be, I won’t condone violence and an organization who believes it’s ok.