Closing shops in a rural community

I am at a sale today, living in a rural community is tough but made even tougher by drought over the last 12 months. It is never more obvious how tough economic times are when businesses close in rural communities. Over the last couple of years I have opened and closed a business, attempted to run an online business as well as help manage the farm, but some things have to give.

I have made some lovely friends in my rural town and have supported their businesses when I could. One of them that is closing today is the kids store. Chaos kids, this is terrible for a country town, Lana the owner has worked hard to get stock, carry various ranges including shoes and employed local staff. So with the closing of her shop people lose incomes. Whilst the dollar has to go further now people will have to pay to travel further to purchase kids clothing and shoes, she is keeping items for her online business but today is sad for her as she will be closing the door to her shop front for the last time. Get to her online business

Having older children, nieces and nephews I will miss the store as I could rush in, buy for said nieces or nephews and walk to the post office and send it, getting gifts to various states in Australia when I needed to. There will be families in our area who will really miss this shop and others who have come in and said “I haven’t been here before, why are you closing” should be ashamed.

I am trying to sell the last of my handbags, fascinators, scarfs & stuff from 3 years ago, at ridiculous prices and hope they don’t come home with me again.

We have united to try to clear out, we have joined with another girl who had a very successful party plan business on-line, it was spammed and she lost customers. She has beautiful cake stands, and party wear – check Leini’s gear out at, she is now concentrating on her commercial business, where she can cook and deliver to your shop. contact her at  

Here is a group of entrepreneurial ladies making the most of living in the country, managing family and farms earning a living to support their families and now looking to close down. It is a shame, there is no competition in town, many people will have to drive over 100 kms to get clothes & shoes for their children. If there is a business in your country town and they are struggling go in and purchase something, even to keep in the present cupboard, it may be the difference to keeping things open or closed.

To Lana I am sorry you are in this position, people don’t appreciate things till they have gone.



3 thoughts on “Closing shops in a rural community

  1. Robyn,
    I will never feel that what I achieved has been for nothing because, through my business, I have met a very dear friend in you.
    Thank you for your support and understanding. I would rather have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

    • It’s not a failure on your pat you are correct it’s all those that didn’t support the business. Bigger things for you my friend xx

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