Australia Day

Australia Day, what does it mean to you? a public holiday, a day to travel back home to get ready for the school year? a time to sit and reflect on what you did for ‘Australia’ during the year, or if you’re political or a reporter / feminist you can find someone to pick on aka Wendy Harmer with a ‘WTF Tony Abbott moment”. Site misogyny as an excuse for your rudeness and carry on. Or you can be the opposition leader and talk about becoming a republic and having a head of state. Surely this can all wait, why not let people celebrate their medal, their awards and the selection of Australian of the year without people disrespecting them?

Really is having Knighthoods and Dames the crime of the Century? lets not talk about fiscal mismanagement of all Governments, domestic violence and lack of protection for women, child abuse that goes unreported and unchecked, inequality in standards of living, poverty and issues that are important.

Lets write about people in the context of bullying,  garnish support to disrespect our most decorated hard-working people, i.e. Lt Cosgrove, Dame Quentin Bryce for if they did not want these honors they would thank the PM and decline them. Why is it such a concern and for those saying it is a national embarrassment, I myself take pride in thinking we have these amazing people who spend their working lives, helping people, leading people and then move into their ‘afternoon tea years’ still finding public service and volunteering is where they put their time and they can get recognition for it. Surely this is not the conversation we need to have. I get it I do Prince Phillip, why but also why not?

Rosie Batty, Gill Hicks, Deborah Lee-Furness, Hetty Johnson, Professor Lyn Beasley, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Rodney Croome and Glenn Keys our Australian of the year Nominees deserve to be honored better than this. don’t they? Where are the blogs about our 4 Fantastic Women, Senior of the Year, Youth of the Year, Local Hero and Australian of the year and the out cry that the PM handed over the awards, luckily the caliber of these worthy nominees and winners has silenced them.

Some may find this hard to read and I find it hard to swallow as well that we can as society with everything going on around us, bullying, suicides, murders, wars and genuine struggles to exist daily in ‘the lucky country’ that some of our most influential women still hide their prejudices and bullying tactics by continuing to divide society writing derogatory comments about men and people in general .

There doesn’t seem to be a balance anymore and these people seem to thrive in creating and harbouring division. I get it, we all think differently, support different political parties and have polarizing views about what we believe should be done. But on one day of the year why not allow those that receive the honors enjoy them, Prince Phillip or not, it does not make on iota of difference to anyone’s lives does it? I don’t know what he (Prince Phil) has done to offend these people, oh that’s right it’s not about him is it? it’s about taking a pot shot at the PM, I wonder if Ms Gillard will ever admit, that speech had been written for months, that she really didn’t believe it or that she regrets how much she destroyed someone’s reputation to save her own. I wonder if she will ever say, she got carried away and did this to take the heat off the bad behavior of all politicians, her’s included, the attacks upon her and Rudd were as cringe worthy as anything. She broke the glass ceiling for many women, then rebuilt it by her own behavior not through anyone else’s fault. (A point she does admit)

I know giving an honor to Prince Phil won’t affect us, we’ll still go out and feed cattle, check stock, clean house, study, do book work, blog and carry on. Todays news is tomorrows fish & chip wrapper, it’s a shame people can’t give it a rest and allow others to enjoy the day. Today of all days I received some good news about a friend who has been fighting a battle and looks like winning and I have enjoyed sharing this with everyone, this is what Australia day is all about, overcoming the odds and getting on with it.

Happy Australia Day everyone.

Have Lamb on Australia Day

Have Lamb on Australia Day