The Best thing to Hold Onto

I love social media, I have face books accounts, twitter accounts and if I had decent internet access I would have instagram. I know there would be some people out their rolling their eyes at my confession. I have connected with people I haven’t seen since school, people I didn’t know but shared a similar cause or value and people I find fascinating, not of the celebrity kind, though I do think Shane Warne is quite entertaining on twitter.

Today we hear that 1 of the Bali 9 is going to s=be shot, taken out of his cell at midnight tied to a post, blindfolded and shot in the heart by firing squad – where is this ok in anyone’s mind? really shot? the finality of his life in a single bullet, it beggars belief, I can not fathom ever this being ok. I have read posts on face book where people like me say nope it shouldn’t be done and others talking about the filth & scum of the earth in these men.

I am not an advocate of drugs, nor am I an advocate of jails and justice I am an advocate for life though. As a mother and person, how is this punishment ok? how? imagine your brother, uncle, father, nephew, cousin or friend and you have been told in 3 days time we are going to shoot you and there is nothing one can do to stop it.

Life is so precious, when it looks like you have the option of death or life, everyone chooses life. When people are told they have cancer with options, most take those options for more time, more days, more love, rarely anyone says nope not gunna do anything. People who wait for organ transplantation know the value of life for they want it and they wait for it and they will die waiting for the chance to have life, and somewhere in the world right now someone is unlawfully or lawfully taking that life.

Should we stand as a country of people and ask the Bali Government to spare them, I decree YES.. I am more than happy to write to president Joko Widodo and ask them for clemency. Life in prison is punishment enough but to be shot, no really acceptable.

I read this saying by the late great lady Audrey Hepburn “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” Do it whilst you have the chance.