The art of email

it’s another one of those days, perhaps it’s the weather, stress from the heat, worrying about friends who have their own struggles and a dog who is aging, any way, isn’t the way some people are reflected in the way they don’t communicate any more and hide behind passive/aggressive emails? I struggle with this, I really do and I know we are all capable of sending them and we all realize that email comes with no tone and most should be taken like that and responded to the came.

But we all know about using CAPITALS in emails is akin to shouting, so when it’s done or written we know that there is tone coming from the other person (they are shouting at you) If I get this type of email I will pick up the phone and call, there is no point writing back as it will not be taken in any other way other than an aggressive response, even if you don’t mean it to be.aggressive. Sending emails that have emotive words in them, knowing you are about to upset someone is a passive aggressive and unacceptable.

But there are certain words people use that they know a) they will get a response to b) put in writing to shock you c) put in writing to start an argument and d) send you into a tail spin. Most people know when they hover over the send button that sending a derogatory email will elicit a reaction and I am always stunned when you call them they are quite shocked that you are upset. It’s much like sending a drunken text, you know you should put your phone away when drinking other than calling a taxi – it should not be in your hand with the temptation to text someone.

Sending an email without  your name on it is always an indicator that some one is not happy with you, most people sign off unless they are rude or upset. They also make a point of saying ‘you have” ‘you did or didn’t do” and claim the frustrated / hurt victim end with words such as ‘frustrate’ ‘staff complaints’ the kicker her is ‘we have” the collective general term ‘we’ rather than own their bad manners or anger ‘everybody’ (whoever they are) are dragged out onto the email. These people I have decided have a very shallow view of their importance in your life, perhaps they are having a bad day and ‘it’s your turn” or you are first on the list to receive their wrath.

Either way, don’t do it, write your email, read it back, send it to a friend for editing most people are intelligent enough to know what they are sending is going to upset the reader. Then delete it go on to the next job and come back to the original issue, then show the potential receiver the respect of giving them a call. I’m a reactor, I admit that, I’ll give it right back with word reference to your sent email and I’ll call if I am gobbed smacked by what you have written.

Don’t drink & drive, don’t text & drive, don’t drink & text I have had family members whose cars have been rear ended (and written off) by someone texting whilst they should be driving. Most times now I turn it off when I get in the car so as not to be distracted, I don’t have a modern car that will read me out an incoming text. Above all be kind to each other, there are so many worse things than someone doing something wrong – especially if they are unaware of it.