It’s Fire Season

There are terrible fires in South Australia at the moment, we have lost homes and sounds like there is going to be lots more lost before this day is over. I can only imagine what those people are feeling having lived through a property fire myself this time last year. It is hard to imagine unless you have been in one, the terror one feels, I am feeling really anxious about this coupled with normal farm issues, I had a very sleepless night.

It didn’t get below 27 degrees here after reaching 44.3 degree Celsius yesterday, for those volunteer Country Fire Fighters and metropolitan Fire Fighters, out battling these fires it must be over 100 degree Celsius in all of their fire protection gear. They are in it and the front line to stopping this awful thing.

I had to ask my husband last night to turn the radio off due to the distress I was feeling, he normally sleeps with the radio on due to his tinnitus (roaring ear noise). The radio is on this morning and I am gob smacked with what I have heard. Our official state fire co-ordinator telling us, the fire planes and bombers have had to not go into the area as there was an unknown plane (tourist) having a fly over the fire zone. Can you imagine this? I can’t, the pilot of this plane should be arrested and lose their license, as far as I am concerned.

I hope that once reported by the officials that they could not enter the area, that plane should have been tracked and police waiting for them when they land, except we know how hard our Police are working today as well, they are SAVING people’s lives. There is a whole town evacuated and they are stopping people from entering danger zones, directing traffic out of the areas at great risk to their own safety.

I can send only prayers for all of the CFS volunteers, fire fighters and people who are in the danger zone today. Houses can be replaced, I have my fire plan which I have everything in place in case we get lightning and fire today. I know my way out of property via 3 different routes and have got all of our things ready. One never knows when it strikes and coupled with wind it can cause massive destruction.

Here is a picture we took last year July 14th 2014 of where a lightning bolt ‘blew up a tree’, it was lucky it was in winter or the fire it would have caused would have been terrible, my husband found branches over 10 metres away.