First Day 2015

Well it’s the first day of 2015 are you hung over? tired? full of energy? where are you placed today?. me I am doing fine, had a sleep in though, saw the New Year in with the TV & 4 cats. The cats only stayed till I started dancing around the lounge to some of the music from the Sydney Fireworks. We are lucky / unlucky with satellite TV we are 30 minutes ahead so we get it live on channel 2.

Cats and my dancing, I am taking no criticism from them for the fact that they ran out of the cat flap, almost at the same time, they had to line up and go one after the other. Phfftt I say, farmer on the other hand was asleep on the couch so he got up just on Sydney time midnight 1130pm here and went to bed to wake up at 3am (I think) to go back to sleep at 6am. Pete the dog also seemed to have slept through the noise of TV & snoring so he looks fine this morning also going into his 17th year.

I want to thank some of my face book friends for affirming that dancing on ones own does not mean I should be scorned by the cats, it is in fact relatively ok, no one mentioned the word sad, so that’s great. I perhaps taking cue from the cats need to improve my dance style to a cats ignored me or I need to do it more often so it doesn’t freak the bejesus out of them and all I see is bottoms as they run out the flap.

Perhaps needing to have a party – this year may be the year, there are people in my house who are turning 50 as are some really close friends (according to face book Guess your age quiz) I am turning 37 this year so I am young enough to party. We hope to celebrate all our friends good health, and many more celebrations not yet thought of. It is exciting to plan things and I like being organized so am planning on a few trips around Australia to see friends and family.

I hope you all had fun, held those you love a little closer, laughed loudly – I did when I saw the cats flee and woke up feeling happy to be alive and well. For those out there doing it tough, know that there is someone somewhere thinking about you and wishing for you nothing but the best. If you feel you need to be close to some one call them, even if it is a 5 minute conversation, say hi, doing ok, speak soon.

Happy New Years first day people, I’ll try to be more consistent with my blog this year, thanks to those people who have commented on it, written to me to tell me you enjoy it and those that read it and ignore it after that. As for the rude cats, sleeping dogs & husband I hope all of you are with me next year !!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Gatsby looking relaxed today after his midnight dance fest scare !!