Feel Good Campaign for those that need a pick up in drought

I Its a tough time in the country all over Australia at the moment, we all know the focus is on QLD but SA has moved into drought as well, sadly we don’t have a Bob Katter or a Barnaby Joyce giving us exposure. Farmers are calling out for the same options as offered to our QLD counterparts, I see lots of support for the farmers what we don’t see if a Buy a Bale campaign for SA farmers, charities calling out for money to give to SA farmers and a Government here in SA not mentioning it.

How do I know, we are feeding hay daily, we have had no rain since October and the ground is bare. I am hearing stories of farmers being foreclosed in our area and friends thinking of selling off stock to be able to keep the farm, cropper finishing harvest before Christmas has not been heard of since 2006.

What we know about farming communities is that they are resilient and hard-working, they put animals welfare above their own and look to the skies for the rains to come.

I am opening a Salon today in Bordertown, SA, where everyone is welcome to pop in all day to see me, book appointment and share my joy. I offer most beauty services including medical laser hair removal, I am qualified and have almost completed my Diploma of Beauty to go with my Nursing qualifications, my plan is to hire staff and grow the business for the community. I know I am lucky to be able to do this in difficult times so I want to give back to the community.

I am launching tonight along with a Feel Good Campaign, which I thought up today. I have had clients tell me they can not finish their treatments due to farming issues and other stuff, so I want those that can afford it book and pay for a Manicure or Pedicure at $25 a treatment with polish (shellac coming after Christmas) and I’ll put $5 towards a feel good one or by paying $50 for a single treatment and this will ‘buy 5 manicure, 5 pedicures’. You can even nominate someone and I’ll send them a gift Certificate to come in and have one. I’ll have a blackboard tally on display so that if you’re feeling low need a pick up come in and tell me your want to ‘feel good’.

We’ll give you a professional service, relaxing foot or hand massage and I’ll talk your ear off all for free, so you can enjoy sparkling new nails, in colours of your choice. I’ll be running this campaign from now, if you are in Bordertown SA tonight pop in, we are having a Chef’s Tool Box Consultant cook Pizza & 8 minute risotto, Arbonne Skin Care Consultant and a Tarot card reader. Even if you don’t attend tonight text for an appointment 0408542057 or the address.




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  1. Great idea Robyn..we have suspended coffees and meals here in Berri for people doing it tuff..hope people support you and your campaign.

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