Today is brought to you by me

I can’t move the calendar into November, I want to be stuck in October, not that it was a great month (rain wise) but it seems surreal that we are coming to the end of the year. As I assess what I have done this year it amounts to lots of hard work and little reward. I can imagine I am not alone with this thought, there would be many assessing what their options are coming up to the “Silly Season”. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas, I do the lights, the yard decorations, the tree everything and I am sure the animals appreciate it.

Christmas for us is a rushed time of travel, never do we have time to really relax and get into the throws of it, 3 hour travel to arrive, then lunch or dinner, presents with family and boxing day it’s back on the road and another 3 hour drive to get home. Its summer in Australia at that time and animals need daily checking for water or they can perish quite quickly, something that we won’t allow to happen if we can help it. Last Christmas day we spent with tractor, fire fighter, shovels and poly pipe digging up old poly pipe and getting water to troughs, it was very hot and we made it to Adelaide for dinner. He did say for me to go on my own, but what’s the point of Christmas not spending it with the people you want to spend it with?

We are looking into summer having had little rain so things look very dry around the farm, it’s lucky the farmer is a good farmer and plans as best he can for these contingencies.

November is also the month of birthdays in our family, the most important (in my opinion) is my beautiful daughter and I look forward to sharing a meal with her and a drink. There is also nieces & nephews as well as friends who have November birthdays and more often than not, we can get to have a celebration with them at some stage, not necessarily on their birthdays.

November is the month that most people put 100% effort into and race to the end of the year, Christmas closures and holidays. Me, it’s one of those weeks and weekends, marked by me cleaning up after Pete the dog, whilst leaning over to pick it up my glasses slipped off my face and landed in the pile of pooh and apparently my face said 1000 things, probably lucky that I didn’t verbalise what I was thinking (it was all profanities) and as for Pete, how can you go past this face.

2014-10-08 05.32.04