Today is brought to you by the letter H

I love how Peter Goers from 891abc radio on the “Kids Quiz” gets them to spell or pronounce the letter “H” he gets them to emphasise the “ch” in Hch not hach. It is simple really isn’t it? He engages the kids and gets them interactive in the show, he remembers them and asks after grand parents, siblings and often throws in a random questions on likes and dislikes which they always answer.

I have suffered ‘hay fever” from when I can remember, as soon as the wattle comes into bloom I’m medicated, my eyes itch and my nose runs, it’s awful. For as long as I could remember I truly believed that Hay fever came from Hay – living in the city it now appears quite a silly assumption as we never lived near a property sowing and cutting hay. Living in the country we sow crop to be cut to hay and even after he has cut it I do not get the so blamed “hay fever’ from hay. Now I have been slightly more educated, hay is made up of Rye grass, Lucerne Grass, Vetch and other grasses so it really is the grasses one’s mucous membranes are stimulated by.

We get hay balers into turn the cut ‘grass’ into square bales and then he has to cart it. The bulk of the work is the sowing, the fertilizing, the spraying and timing. Having the balers in he has to head out to rake it first, turning it over and getting it in rows so that the baling machine collects enough to create the bale. Once the bales are done it is now time to get the tractor out collect it on trailers and bring it all from the paddocks to the house. One cannot leave it in the paddocks as the animals will help themselves to it.

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I worry sometimes for the amount of work that he does, as he does 99.9% on his own. I try to assist where I can but sometimes I am useless and some of the things he wants me to do scare me. Working on the farm brings many a hazard and hay carting and carrying can be one of those things. The tools of trade are really big and weigh enormous amounts so the accidents can be horrific, we hear about them all of the time. He has about 3 more double trailer loads or more to collect yet.

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