Today is brought to you by the letter G

Genius is what springs to mind when i think of farmers today and  I married one (willingly). A farmer and genius, some of the things he says and does beggers belief, but the bulk of them are clever at coming up with amazing solutions. Farmers are adaptable and come up with solutions to problems that would leave many people scratching their heads. This morning I have taken to doing the washing and as we have septic tanks you can normally tell by the smell as to how full they are. I am capable to get the pumps working to empty them and was in the process of doing this when he came along. I may not be as quick as him but I turn the pump on and walk to where they run and go back and forth until I hear the water running. Farmer comes along and puts a hose in it, gives me (another) a demonstration and talk on how he does it then turns on the outlet tap where water sprays over the power point. Water and electricity do not mix thus throwing the safety switch and turning everything off.

This is the same power point that a couple of years ago had a couple of ‘live’ wires dangling after he decided to change the power point and I was always careful not to touch them if I needed to put the septic on. One day in a cold winter day and happened to brush my finger on the wires and they sent me backwards by a foot and left a little burn mark on my finger. Thankfully when we did the kitchen up it was fixed by a qualified electrician, there is no loose connections now at ground level

In our house he even names adaptations of things after himself and calls them a bullenerisation, not to be confused with skilled technical solutions. Some of his are impressive, farmers are mechanics, builders, electricians, plumbers and handyman all rolled into one. They garnish skills for machinery as they go, it can be about the cost of getting skilled labor out to assist within a small amount of time it is also about needing to have it fixed there and then saving as much money as they can.  Most say I don’t know what I would do if I gave up farming – not realizing that the skills they have are and can be transformed into Diplomas and Certificates with minimal work.

When we were painting our the extension we had set up paints outside and all of the stirring equipment as we used  20 litre tins of paint. He put the paint stirrer on the cordless drill and turned it on and withdrew it and sprayed paint everywhere including all over himself.

Farmers are also good at pulling things apart and keeping bits and pieces they can use else where as well as putting things back together and getting them working well. One Our most recent purchases was a washing machine which when my old one stopped it was pulled apart to be fixed but it never was..


One thing he has done over the years is made me laugh, the disasters are funny and the achievements are impressive. I married someone who will rarely offer me a boring life, if nothing else than to be able to have a laugh (behind his back). As they say laughter is the best medicine and some days I need that more than anything.


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  1. You are a Genius my darling Love your work!

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