Today is brought to you by the letter E

It’s one of those days, a Sunday which started with an early morning phone call from a farmer in the “north” wanting to pick my brains about the fund-raising I did to assist the Keith Hospital. I did qualify that many people including the entire community and expats of Keith & beyond were involved and it was almost a 24/7 commitment to come up with ideas, nurture other people’s ideas and assist where I thought I could to get the dollars coming in. There was also the pledges that the community made to the Hospital in the early stages to meet the shortfall, an idea that came from the Board to support the Board. he hung up with a “right then, good to know, hard to do”.

Followed quickly by the need to commence work, farming is 7 days per week and mostly relentless, so before the day begins I like to try to start the days with an Egg or Breakfast of some sort. Simple you say, go up to the chook pen and grab a couple,  we have chooks & a rooster and we have eggs right? Wrong – we purchase caged laying hens from a farm and we let them become free range and wander the property and lock them up at night they do a good job in providing us and the extended family with eggs. Not this time we have had them for a few weeks and they are not laying at this time.

I have had to purchase some and luckily I live in the Limestone Coast and one thing farming does is bring solutions to problems and one of these is free range, free roaming chooks who lay organic eggs and they are sold locally, Hood’s Earth Produce. and they are as nice as the ones we would have eaten had our girls gotten their acts together. Get on and support them, they can be found in at Feast Fine Foods stores around Adelaide. Look for this happy container and you will know you are getting real free range grass-fed eggs. (Yes the background is deliberate – thanks SAWeekend Magazine)

2014-10-03 22.16.33

Farming from a city girls point of view is nothing short of hard work, dedication, care and problem solving. Many have gone from farming families to enterprises which employ people, provide food for the greater communities and extensively work to maintain and grow the business. Adaptation and experience are things that farmers have in abundance, I often say I will never learn what my husband has forgotten about farming as I don’t have time. His experiences have been over 40 years on the land and he loves it (most days) practices change along with machinery so farming grows. Farmers are great sharers of ideas and experiences.

Happy Sunday and Long weekend to those who have them, drive safe and look after each other.


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