Today is a Continuance from yesterday

After spending the large part of yesterday with the farmer planting trees, driving a tractor, cutting the tree packets and planting them I have decided the living with a  C is difficult and interesting (I’m not talking about the country bumpkin by the way). There is one in every household and sometime togetherness is sooooo over rated.

Still struggling with my ruptured Achilles, I have limited up and down motion, you know the motion most required when you need it to walk and the tractor seat sits high so my foot dangles, so after an hour it was hurting me. Not only that planting trees is an art. We get “trees for Life” to grow natives for us, which they do and once we get them we plant them, this involves cutting the black plastic around them and planting them. He did put the seat down so that it didn’t dangle but the pain had already set in.

Here is where the fun begins, it is hard work and tempers fray, one can drive too fast, drive too slow, the trees may be too dry so they disintegrate when planted, the tree planter (him) has made up a seat which can hold the boxes of trees and it is on the back of the tractor. As we move along the ground ripped or furrows made prior need to be followed otherwise the dirt can clump underneath and lift the seat higher than necessary. Here is where whistling, finger-pointing and yelling occurs, one must be able to keep driving the tractor (me) lift the seat up, follow the track and then put the seat down whilst keeping to the same speed and pathway. It is as complicated as it sounds.

Spending the largest part of the day doing this leaves little time to do anything else. I determined that regardless of the make up of the household, there is a C in every house regardless of the population of the house, time of day or year. You can find these in the kitchen, office, bedroom and occasionally the toilet. They like to dictate what you do, when you need to do it and can not be changed without numerous consultation.

They bring good and bad news to people and will involve many others without them even knowing they are included in the C’s sights. I struggle with them and I notice them as soon as I get to others houses, it is hard not to look at the C without taking note of what it is doing or saying. The C can change how you view people as there might come a time when you clash, this can be unpleasant and awkward. Regardless, I don’t base my feelings or friendship on this but at this time of the year I can start to be overloaded.

Please if anyone has anything else they would like to add to my calendar, email me, as it’s filling up fast. 🙂 .