Country Living: Its time to clear the pantry

Living on a farm when one goes shopping you seem to purchase food for the pantry, ingredients you think you may need at some stage of another, well my new shelves of my pantry are bulging from the weight of said pantry tins. My husband has determined that he can not find anything he wants – he started his own shelf a few years back but refuses to acknowledge that this was in spite of the fact he wouldn’t use what’s on it anyway. I do 99% of the cooking, needless to say I have placed things in front of his said items and made better usage out of the pantry.

There comes a time though doesn’t there when one has to admit they can’t find anything, never have the ingredients one needs to cook with and can’t remember what’s even there. I’m not quite at this level but I get accused of it not being organized, he also blames me for not being able to find his ‘men foods” tinned spaghetti – which I use when I do mixed grill or on toast on a cold winters day, cans of tuna (which I have never seem him eat one) which when we ran out of cat food and couldn’t be bothered doing the 100km trip to buy it we fed them the tuna and the jars of coffee, which I rarely drink and we buy a couple at a time to ensure we do not run out. Other than these I have NO IDEA what he is talking about.

I have decided to cook things using at least one item from my pantry per meal I cook or at least x 2 per day. As I am home most of the week working I do prepare lunches for my husband, most times I cook something or make warm foods to sustain him and the work he does. I started this idea last week when I went to find a tin of spaghetti to find I couldn’t find anything. I did however find 8 cans of coconut milk or cream (lots of curries coming up) 12 can of diced or whole tomatoes and lots of pack noodles.

Yesterday for lunch I did sausage rolls – using cumin seed of which I have 4 bottles of, real beef sausages, filo puff pastry & cheese slices looks like lots of things with cumin coming up, I have posted the recipe on our website Last night I used a packet meal curry – just add meat and rice, it actually was delicious. The only problem is I have decided not to purchase anything more until I have used all of these cans, packets, tubes and jars up. I am out of basmati rice, a favourite and tinned bean sprouts, it looks like I am going to have to grow them using the 5 kilos of mung beans seeds I have. Oh the JOY!!

Today before I left the house I did a beef straganoff in the slow cooker, using a packet mix – I normally make from scratch – oh well at least it will be ready when I get home. Anyone with any recipes for coconut milk & cream and tinned tomatoes please send them in, my husband thinks I am mad but this is one way to ensure nothing expires and we use what we have.

Alphabet on the farm will be on the blog using the letter B tomorrow and no I am not clearing the shelves to move out, in case anyone is wondering


2 thoughts on “Country Living: Its time to clear the pantry

  1. Sounds just like my pantry!

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