Women in Mourning

Really are we? I am not in mourning I am still rejoicing in my “Rushing Women’s Syndrome” and today I have woken feeling renewed, not so much the ‘cranky pants’ but feeling ready to start and end my day. This is the title of an article on-line in the Entertainment Section, yes I am high brow aren’t I? In scanning the internet today and this is what I came across and I can say I highly disagree.

I am not in mourning, I am happy with life, I have left the ‘cranks’ behind today, I have gotten up early and the pain in my foot seems to be reducing. I am not real good at not exercising I have always enjoyed walking and having this injury precludes me from doing anything that strains it. So I am now searching the internet for any ideas on what I can do, even yoga involves using your legs, feet to do the exercises. I also do a lot of work from home for a number of businesses and find this mentally stimulating, as for being in mourning, no not so much.

No one I know has died, so I am happy with what I have on my plate at the moment. I have challenges that are everyday issues. So reading onwards this period of mourning is in relation to Masterchef citing because Byron Finnerty has left, the 27 year old deckhand, who left his girlfriend and job to go and cook, as written by entertainment writer Colin Vickery, is he seeing something that I don’t ?. Am I the wrong demographic to appreciate his ‘skill’? I watch Masterchef, I enjoy seeing some of those creations but as for Byron putting women into mourning I think not.

Isn’t it funny – looking for a better word here, that there are men and women talking for the women of Australia. We are being put into ‘syndromes’ collective mourning by people who really should have little say in how we think and feel. None of these people can tell me how to cure my syndrome (except buy a product endorsed by the speaker) nor get me out of mourning – do I rush out and hunt Byron down so that I can recover? crazy really…. it is all a lot of pointless trivia isn’t it? time wasting? yes and I bought into it .