Light Hearted Fluff – TV Medical Dramas

I’m an avid medical drama watcher, the nurse in me wants to watch them when they are on TV no matter how corny or unbelievable they are, they bring me back to my nursing days where I felt part of a team of people doing good work. I loved ER, Dr. Mark Greene was the thinking girls heart-throb to those that don’t know it is Anthony Edwards or “goose” from Top Gun, wasn’t a big Clooney fan, he seemed to have been stuck on the same facial look, Dr. Doug Ross was “Dr McDreamy” or Dr. Derek Shepherd played by Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy and Noah Wyle who played Dr. John Carter III really was ‘Dr. McSteamy”. or Dr. Mark Sloan played by Eric Dane in Grey’s Anatomy. (you will be pleased to know I had to ask Dr. google to help me with these names).

I like the medical dramas, I like looking at the medical equipment and guessing which company it came from, if it was a product I was selling I use to capitalise on this. Working in the operating theatre there were many shows that became the talk of the ‘table’ so to speak, this will show my age; starting with Melrose Place, ER and then Grey’s Anatomy.

We all use to talk about the opening scene of ER as all of the Dr’s wearing scrubs (operating theatre attire) with their white gowns on (flowing gowns) walking together through the automatic sliding doors, I can think of at least 3 Dr’s (male) who adopted this look and despite how good-looking they were, they were laughed at.

So it was with great anticipation Grey’s Anatomy is back on TV and play double episodes. I know this will shock you all it’s unrealistic, never have I seen a Dr. or nurse walking the corridors of a hospital on her wedding day with hair rollers, I have seen however brides coming in prior or after to show loved ones how beautiful they looked.

There’s always a moral story, an emergency that requires extreme expertise, an operation and inter-hospital relationships that are imploding upon each other and to wrap it up a better way to treat the people who you love and how to pay it forward. It a tried but true formula one which the farmer heads off to bed and leaves me too it. Weddings TV weddings are always filled with drama, brides or grooms not turning up, ‘sex and the city’ didn’t start the trend, there is the jilted lover waiting for the minister to ask whether anyone objects, then there is the family and friends who will do all they can to change the outcome.

Now we are left with will she or won’t she go through with the wedding with the groom or the person who stood to tell her that he loved her before the vows.. We have a whole week to wait to see it. I could do a spoiler and download the episode but then what would I do next Monday night.

I know how fluffy this is but it’s a good way to get back into blogging .Do people really go through this much angst? I think they do, life can be hard, situations call for help if you ask for it, relationships can be really tricky to juggle with work commitments as well as friendships and honesty. TV & Film writers seem to be able to wrap many aspects of human nature into 8 main characters and get us intrigued.