Yet another nude pregnant celebrity

There have been many after Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Cindy Crawford,Claudia Schiffer, Christina Aguilera, Elle Macpherson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum, Anna Nicole Smith, Jessica Simpson, Katie Price, Anne Heche and Eva Herzigova. Now we can add Megan Gale to this ever-growing list of celebrities that pose naked and pregnant.

There is nothing wrong with the female body nor the pregnant female body it does change shape and form when a child is growing inside it. But lets cast an eye over some of these “ground breaking” covers.

Demi’s was titled “More Demi Moore” a small pun at her growing size on Vanity Fair, Britney’s was just her naked holding her breasts, with beautiful jewellery around her neck on Harper’s Bazaar, but on Vanity Fair the byline was the same “More Britney Spears”. She did it more than once. Mariah Carey did it with twins but it was “All about the Babies” when she did it on Life & Style Weekly magazine. The story and the naked celebrities and magazine titles just changed not the concept.

Marie Claire has a history of putting pregnant naked ladies on their covers, Megan gale is not the first and sadly if their author has her way she will not be the last. It seems if you are in the public eye and pregnant then posing naked for all of us to see is almost expected isn’t it? Does it make you want to run out and buy the magazine? We will see Jackie Frank on sunrise this week saying how stunning she looked, how beautiful she is and isn’t she amazing, so brave to share this much of herself. I can just hear her, it’s not that I disagree, Megan Gale does look beautiful pregnant or not. It’s just that it’s a worn out repetitive concept.

I wonder if any of the above named celebrities would pose for playboy? It is the same thing isn’t it naked is naked? Does putting naked pregnant women on ‘women’s magazines’ count as soft porn? I wonder what the rating is, most ‘adult magazine’s have to be in a plastic cover yet this one is going to be on full display. I am not anti pregnant women nor naked women but one of the newspaper articles states “IT IS a concept that never grows old.” we actually it has.

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  1. You have made an excellent observation and point here my friend… soft porn indeed!! I’d say, hand over all the naked pics of any celebrities, pregnant or not, to Playboy!!

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