Accidents & Country HealthCare

It had to happen didn’t it, a farming accident, a swearing farmer, running dogs and a rushed trip to the Emergency department of the Keith Hospital. This is the hospital the community and I have worked hard to keep open for the last few years. He walked into the house as I was preparing dinner and said I’ve cut myself, I had a quick look and said off to hospital we go.

He went to shower whilst I turned the oven off, called the hospital to find out which Dr was on and to warn them we were 20 minutes out. I grabbed toothbrush & paste and a change of clothes for him (in case he was going to be transferred to Adelaide) put the dogs safely in their kennels and grabbed my handbag and pulled the car around the front. I wrapped his hand with the mandatory multiuse t-towel whilst he grabbed a beer and drank it on the way out.

We arrived at the hospital, he finished the beer by this time (yes against my better judgement and I didn’t say anything to him) and was taken to the trauma room. The room is tired and desperately needs an upgrade but until the future of the hospital is secured long-term, there is no point. The funding from the Labor Government was given for 3 years with the view it would be self-sustaining after that, we all hold our breath as the progression to get and keep a Dr is still a hurdle not yet reached.

The nurses work hard as whilst we were there, they had another walk in as well as the Aged Care unit. The Dr. was new and a Locum, the question was asked by the nurse who should get the Dr’s report, I automatically said the Keith Medical Centre and I watched as she wrote under Dr’s name LOCUM, KMC. It summed up the fact there is no permanent Dr in Keith and hope the search is ongoing and will be successful. If anyone knows of a Dr that would like to relocate to a country townin South Australia, let us know.

The Dr was thorough and farmer received 8 or 9 stitches to the palm of his writing hand. It is bandaged up like a boxing glove and he has woken with it sore this morning but all fingers intact, moving, good colour and good sensitivity, so no option of needing a specialist to sew back tendons and ligaments. (For all my nursing friends out there) He fell getting out-of-the-way of a trailor holding a piece of metal and this ended up cutting his hand. He is lucky, now he will have an excuse not to do the dishes, can’t wait till he works out that he will need a plastic bag over the hand whilst he showers.

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  1. aawww poor Christopher! But yes Robyn, I totally agree with you, even though we dont live there any more, we HAVE to have that hospital, and a Dr to be full time is just what you need!

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