I’m Bored.

We were lucky enough yesterday to have friends drop in and spend the day with us, they have two boys and one brought a friend. The youngest two seated themselves on the couch and happily played with electronic toys and games (until the power ran out). we then got power and commenced lunch. It is nice to share a day with a good girlfriend and seeing as we had such great weather it was also lovely to sit outside.

Her husband and teenage son went in search for the farmer if for nothing else but to assist him and for male company. So the BBQ was cooked, wine poured, beer cans opened and then it was time to sit, but from the inside of the house came a statement I haven’t heard for a while “I’m bored”. I did laugh and I wasn’t surprised how two country boys who are normally active can sit for hours without being bored. “Ok” I said and went and got a cricket bat and tennis balls, “come on time for backyard cricket then.”‘ With happy faces they came out side and looked at the lawn “we don’t have wickets” “yes use the tin can for one and the step-ladder for the other.”I ventured, necessity being the mother of invention also I didn’t think they needed to be inside watching a DVD which was the next option.

So off they started, it wasn’t long till the teenage boy joined in and then the farmer. The farmer was a great cricketer in his youth and won many awards for his ability. So the afternoon started to shape up to become a little more fun for the boys, Dad of 2 boys joined in and then myself and their mum, here is where it became competitive. It reminded me of my brothers and the fun I had on the beach as a young girl playing cricket. Once the farmer started hitting balls all over the place, rules came in – 6 and out was to hit it on the roof, into the dog kennels or any other place that required a concentrated effort to retrieve the ball. Once the boys gained confidence but also lost stamina, they would like to sit till they considered it their turn to bat, so the rule came in, no fielding, no batting and bowling didn’t count.

We then went to one hand one bounce and then ”tippygo’ I was never good at batting but played anyway – I got six and out for hitting the ball onto the roof where it still sits today.  but I am happy to field. There was shouts of “bum before”  similar to “leg before” but different you can get the picture, no shouts of LBW more of “run just run” “don’t forget to say crease” and lots and lots of laughter. Self stumping was also a problem when it was discovered the stumps would somehow be moved into the batters crease. The adults outlasted the children and it was a fun time had by all. It is a great way to spend an afternoon, good friends, good food, good wine and enough exercise to break up the afternoon.

They all ended up staying for dinner and a couple of the neighbours called over for a drink. The two young boys, ready to go home and happily packed up their things and went as soon as they were asked. We talked about easter and making some ‘stumps’ for when they came then. I love days like these and the people who come to enjoy our company, I could do with more of them, it is nice to have friends who understand the isolation of the country, the work load of the farmer and the need to come offer help and then once the jobs have been done, time to sit relax and enjoy life.