On a good day

It’s one of those days, I’m a tad over it already (started blog at 745am) and have been since I was woken 3 times during the night. We have very active cats that now the cool has come in, are finding those little animals that need protection from them. It also involves an old dog that finds it difficult to get up to go to the toilet, so needs to be lifted on to all fours and then the contents of his bowels picked off the floor and both deposited outside, then we have a farmer who for the last 4 or more weeks has taken not to sleep much after 4am. He finds comfort in the radio so puts it on and drifts in and out of sleep, me the same it’s not relaxing at all.

I am recovering from the flu and from our state Government election, you know the one, it’s unwelcome and hangs around for long periods of time being nothing but a headache and stagnant. The flu on the other hand can be slept off, medications added and generally can take a couple of days off work and it seems to move on. Both wear you out and you never get an end result you want, yet the flu can leave you feeling fatigued, with a persistent cough and general lethargy.

It has been dry here and I know the work load of feeding stock hay every second day is a lot of work on top of the farmers work and he doesn’t sleep, we need rain to wet the paddocks and to allow things to grow. The paddocks look bare due to the livestock living on it and eating what little stumps are left. We are looking to grow our business and am working hard to make this happen and like the climate, some things are out of our control whilst we wait on outside influences to make decisions. It will get better we know it always does, but getting there is sometime hard. There are countless days of feeling frustrated, no matter how hard one works its like elections & the flu, no real outcome, no renewal and no moving forward, I know once we jump a few more hurdles it’s all going to be ok.

I have opted to do the Michelle Bridge 12wbt starting in May and one of her things is to say out loud why you can’t exercise and saying your too busy isn’t really a good enough excuse. Get up early if you work, well can I tell you I am up early and some nights 3 or more times, through not fault of my own. I also started today with – can you cut my hair, this is at 730am so I did, then it’s a quick bite to eat and into cleaning the floors and ridding the house of the smell of cat urine. I have only half finished but it’s going to be a long day today and a difficult one if I stay in the mood I am in. I know all I need is a good nights sleep and I can’t exercise with the smell of cat around me so the exercise part is looking closer to being done this afternoon. Have a good day people.

2 thoughts on “On a good day

  1. Thinking of you girlfgriend… and get some Febreze to get rid of the smell of cat urine. Or buy a ag of Rocks for odour (and moisture), absolutely brilliant, and you just hang outside for a day when they stop working… can send you a flyer if you wish? Re the 12wbt… why? I suppose you are going to say, why not??!! love you xox

  2. Hey, I just need a motivator at the moment, I am feeling the isolation of the country. Pete can’t walk with me any more and I just feel the need to have company when I exercise. love you xxx

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