Happy Anniversay

It was an extremely hot day and a long weekend in March that we got married at the farm. It was a great party and we had people we love come and celebrate with us. I wore boots he wore sandals, mine were made in white leather by R M Williams specially fitted.

All my family were there expect youngest brother who was in England at the time, my daughter and twin sister my witnesses, my 3 nieces (I only had three at the time) did small speeches and then signed the papers leaning on a hay bale we were married. It thankfully cooled down during the evening and we were left to enjoy the evening.

As I say to people “he’s my first husband and I am his last wife”, I still enjoy his company and have adapted and changed to fit into the life of being a farmer’s wife. I do work but not full-time anymore and I live here with him rather than travel to and from the city. The worst part of this is I miss my daughter who lives and works in the city and always look forward to visiting with her when I am in the city.

We sat outside last night sharing a drink and talked about our years together, he measured it by saying I have been with him through 3 droughts (we are still in drought as I type) Pete my golden retriever came to live on the farm and he has outlived 4 of his working dogs and a 21 yr old cat, only god knows how many chooks have come and gone in this time. We still have 3 working dogs and 4 cats, as I sit and type Gatsby has decided to climb behind me and push me off the chair. Pete has been put outside in disgrace, he has arthritis which limits his ability to get up quickly thus he is having ‘accidents’ before he gets up (something I am getting very tired of cleaning up). It amuses me that whilst I am cleaning it up farmer walks down the passage holding his nose. The irony here is that he happily preg tests cows, delivers animals and generally can come home often covered in unimaginable animal body fluids etc and the smell from the dog sends him away.

We don’t really celebrate in the traditional sense, mind you it is one of the first times we have not had people come and stay for the long weekend, but then I have done some small things to let him know I appreciate him and think of him, on Friday night I did a favourite dish of his, oysters Kilpatrick and oysters Thai sauce that a little Asian man told me once whilst I was buying oysters from him. Yesterday he got a frog cake a South Australian classic – very sweet but yummy. Tonight he is getting a lovely dinner cooked and prepared by me.

One thing I have liked over the last 7 years is our ability to laugh at things, we do many things together, we argue but we move on. I am not a grudge holder neither is he, he has brought many things to my life and I value his part in it. 7 is Wool – we have enough sheep and lambs, 7 is Copper I wear little jewelry and this sort turns your skin green and in modern times it’s a desk set – what a load of rubbish. I wish for the gift of happiness, rain and many more shared times with friends and family

Here is a picture of my Oysters


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