Tourists in the fire zone

We were asked by media yesterday to take them up to our boundary where the Ngarkat fire went through so they could get a feel of what happened and get our story. The lovely Wendy Collis from the abc country hour drove out to our property and spent the afternoon with us. It was the first time I had been out there as well to look at it, it was very upsetting. I will put the link up for the interview once I have it, but waking up and hearing ourselves on radio twice brings it home a little more.

As we look to the west, north and south it was nothing but black charred sticks where once there was trees. It was stumps in the ground or worse still nothing but grey sand where small native yakka’s and shrubs were. There is evidence of the speed and furiousness of the fire, blue tongue lizards, reptiles, kangaroos who couldn’t escape. This vegetation will not recover for many years, nor will the native animals and pests that died during this fire.

I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, there was nothing we could do nor we should have done during this fire, no life is worth losing for vegetation. we are insured and are thankful that we will only have to replace fences. It is only slightly annoying to not have a landline – but this is something I know people are working on and will fix when they can.

Chris and I spent the afternoon with the lovely Wendy Collis reporter from the abc country hour, who came out to the property to interview us and have a look. She was taken aback by the sight and during our interview along comes a car of tourists, no word of a lie, they were travelling in Ngarkat along the fire track, stopped and got out to talk with us. I asked him what he was doing “are you sight-seeing?” “yes, we just wanted to have a look rather than drive round.” “right then” we all stood and looked at him with his teenaged daughters as they waited. We think they wanted us to regale them with the story of the fire but we stood silent. I wanted to scream at them, but this would engage them and encourage them to stay longer, we all laughed as they got back into their car and drove off. These people were at least 16km into the park, no protection, nothing, they were not even locals, they wouldn’t have known driving off whether they were driving into harms way or not or even the terrain they were travelling on, it still is head shaking.

Here are the two pictures one at the fire and then after it has been through


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  1. Thank you for sharing your soul with us… this latest fire appears to have affected you and changed you more deeply than the last… perhaps the fear is greater knowing what is ahead? The sense of your loss is tangible in your writing, and I wish I was there to give you a hug. Our love is with you both xox

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